King of Cards slot machine from Novoline (Novomatic)

At the great King of Cards from the great machine game from Novoline Everything revolves around the mighty king of the cards. Anyone who plays cards regularly knows directly who is talking about - of course from the joker. At King of Cards, this plays an important role and will give you a special pleasure as a player if he shows himself. The slot machine was already published in 2012 and has brought numerous casino players a lot of entertainment since then. We took a closer look at this slot and do not want to withhold any details from you.

You can test King of Cards on your computer or mobile devices. Without registration, you also have the option of giving the slot machine a chance and can play King of Cards for free.

King of Cards - structure and design

Of the Novoline slot machine Rapidly guessed that it is a slot that has been developed especially for lovers of card games. All map symbols, such as poker chips and poker hands, are reflected in the symbols. The game offers map players an entertaining change in the online casino.

As far as the design and the structure are concerned, you can see a certain retro style. The graphics are simple and focus on the essentials: the game. There has been no need for distracting images and animations, which is why old school friends can look forward to a down-to-earth slot machine that brings with it true casino atmosphere.

Basics of King of Cards

We come to the essential facts of the slot machine game. The filming is made here at a machine that is equipped with 5 rollers and 3 rows. As a player, you have the choice of how many paylines are to be activated. The more profit lines you want to use, the higher the use must of course be. You can play a maximum of 10 paylines. The minimum deployment is 0.04 $ per payline if you Play real money want. So you can start with a low commitment and first familiarize yourself with the rules. If you do it after more and enjoy the tension when playing with higher operations, you can increase the use to up to 10 $ per line. As we have already mentioned, however, there is also the option of being able to play King of Cards for free. We would like to reveal more about this later.

While we have already cut the game symbols, we would like to go into more detail so that you know what to do with it. Starting with the most valuable symbol, you will find the following symbols on the slot machine:

  • Joker
  • Casino Chips
  • Map hand (royal flush)
  • Herz
  • Pik
  • Cross
  • With
  • A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9

We probably didn't promise too much when we said that this slot was aimed at card lovers.

How to play King of Cards online

Whether new in the online casino or not, you probably already know that profits will be made at a slot machine as soon as at least three identical symbols end up on a payline. This principle is of course also the case with King of Cards, with one or the other symbol already leading it to a profit if it only appears twice on the rollers. These include the joker, the casino chips, the map hand, the card symbol heart and the nine. All other symbols must appear at least three times to form profit combinations.

The most valuable symbols are also the game symbols of the game. As expected, these are the joker, followed by the casino chips. If the joker ends up on the rollers five times, their use is converted 360 times into a profit. The less valuable symbols are shown by the card symbols A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9.

The main signs in the King of Cards machine game

King of Cards has two valuable options for a bonus in the game. As often in the casino, wild symbols and scatter symbols are used. You can already guess that this is the joker. The joker is almost the symbol of a wild symbol and therefore also plays this role. If he ends up on the reel, he can replace any symbol to complete or expand profit combinations. If the joker is involved in a winning combination as a wild symbol, the profit is also doubled.

The only symbol that cannot be replaced by the joker is the sign of the casino chips. These represent the scatter symbol and thus offer their very own advantageous function. If at least three scatter symbols come after turning the rollers, trigger the popular free spins and can play for a few rounds of King of Cards for free. You get a total of 15 free spins and also activate a profit multiplier of X3. While you enjoy your free spins, you have the chance to trigger them again and can play more round King of Cards for free.

Novoline classic: Gamble function

If you are a fan of the iconic Novoline slot machines, the Gamble function is certainly not unknown to you. It is an additional way to double or play profits. As soon as you have landed a profit combination after a shoot, the Gamble key flashes under the rollers. You have the choice of risking your profit. Your task is to guess whether the color red or black hidden behind a hidden card. If you are correct, your profit will be doubled. However, if you are wrong, the entire profit is lost. A good strategy is to test the function when you have made a low profit. So you don't have much to lose in an emergency.

Our conclusion: simple game, high fun factor!

King of Cards is a really simple game in which you do not need a lot of experience in the casino or have to memorize long rules. You have direct access to long entertainment. One of our best tips for casino players is that they are the unique chance, Play slot machines for free without registration, should use. You have the opportunity to put the game through its paces yourself and to confirm the fun factor. You can easily play King of Cards for free without registration. This opportunity will be offered to you in the online casino!

King of cards online for real money

For many players, the right charm only arises in the casino when playing for real money is played here. Of course you can also use this option at King of Cards. Visit one of the Best online casinos And try your luck. Don't miss the chance to Casino bonus without deposit or a welcome bonus to take advantage of to get one or the other free spins!