Game features and overview Jungle Queen

Jungle Queen from Novoline moves the setting to the Amazon, this slot machine is also aimed at animal lovers, since all the stops are pulled here to create a great Amazon design. Everywhere you will find small details or playful design decisions that create a great atmosphere. But everything in his time, we will go into the design later. But if you want to take a little trip to the Amazon, then start the trip with the American demo version by playing Jungle Queen for free without registration.

Like us from Novoline If you are used to, the rules are also kept simple for the Jungle Queen Slot, so no confusing rules or features are installed, but a clear focus on passive entertainment is placed. However, this does not mean that nothing is offered online at Jungle Queen, here too you will find some features, sometimes well -known functions have received a second life, but of course popular classics such as the Gamble feature are also used. Of course we will respond to these features. If you want to take a look at the machine now, you can play the demo version of Jungle Queen for free.

This test report will investigate the question of whether the Jungle Queen games are entertaining, whether Novoline has effectively prevented boredom, and of course also whether a good atmosphere arises. The construction of the slot machine is first presented, after how you play Jungle Queen, which rules you have to pay attention to, whether there is a strategy for playing and what is offered for features. The conclusion makes an explanation of how you can play Jungle Queen for free in USA without registration.


If you take a first look at these slot machines, the structure of the Jungle Queen Slot is very classic with five reels, each with three rows. But at second glance and with a special symbol, the rows expand to five. But they learn more about this when we talk about the symbols. Profits can be made on all three rows, thanks to a total of 20 or 40 paylines that enable a variety of different profit combinations. You can determine the number of active lines yourself. This slot machine only counts profits from left to right. If you want to check the paylines, this is possible by calling up the information menu during play, even if you play Jungle Queen for free.

Sound und Design

Novoline uses the jungle and Amazona's theme in the design of Jungle Queen. Here the animals of the Amazon are brought to life on the slot machine's grid. In the background you can see a dense jungle through which the light almost fits onto the symbols and put it in the foreground, which gives them emphasis. Unfortunately, what is behind the symbols can only be guessed at, but we suspect that the mighty river Amazon is hidden behind it, which leads you to Jungle Queen, as it only appears in the middle. The symbols are loyal to the jungle on the one hand, but on the other hand, but also an adventure topic a la Indiana Jones. Gold and diamond seems towards one everywhere. A great atmosphere quickly comes up. If you want to make an impression of it, you can simply play Jungle Queen for free.

The sound is a double -edged sword, on the one hand you have no sounds, except for a monotonous sound effect that accompanies the rotation of the rollers and of course the profits. On the other hand, many different sounds sound during the free spins. During the free spins, the machine game is equipped with a great background music that really wear the atmosphere of the jungle perfectly. The other sound effects ideally fit into the picture and remind you of a tropical rainforest that really lives. But if you are disturbed by the sounds while playing Jungle Queen for free, you can switch off the music and sounds by clicking on the respective buttons.

How to play Jungle Queen

With Jungle Queen Online you are offered a very entry -friendly slot machine, which offers slight rules, but still has a few special features that skillfully prevent boredom. One of them is of course the gamble feature, which simply generates tension because you never know exactly whether you win or lose. If you receive a profit, you can increase it in the Gamble Feature, you have the option of choosing between black or red, a card is turned over and if you are properly doubled, your use is wrong, if your profit is wrong there. You can easily familiarize yourself with this feature by playing Jungle Queen online for free. Unfortunately we cannot give you tips or tricks.

The symbols at Jungle Queen

There are ten symbols in total at Jungle Queen, eleven of these symbols count as the main signs, there is a wild symbol and a scatter symbol.

  • Card symbols between the boy and the ASS
  • Dagger and chain
  • Line
  • Ape
  • mask

The Jungle Queen itself is the wild symbol here. As wild, it replaces every symbol besides the scatter symbol. To trigger free spins, you must receive at least one young queen of full size. This only shows on rollers 2, 3 or 4. If you get the free spins, then two more rows open, so that 40 paylines are now active and a total of 25 symbols are displayed. The mask is the scatter symbol of the machine and does not have to appear on a payline to grant a yield.

The winning opportunities at Jungle Queen

At Jungle Queen, you have the option of setting between 1 coin and 200 coins per line, which gives you the prospects of getting 20 times the 20-fold use with a pinch of happiness.

Conclusion: Play Jungle Queen online for free!

Fans of classic slot machines will feel at home with Jungle Queen. The bonus symbols and the Gamble feature keep the game interesting. If you want to take a trip to the Amazon yourself, then you can Casino games for free without registration try out.

Play Jungle Queen with real money

The tension may not be given if you play Jungle Queen for free. So you should drop by in an online casino. Here we have put together a list of casinos that provide attractive premiums. Of course there are welcome packages for newcomers, but also bonuses where you can Casino bonus without deposit receives.