Jumping Jokers from Novoline

The Jumping Jokers slot is one of the so -called fruit slots, of which the manufacturer Novoline, which has already been very popular in USA and many other countries, has already released a lot. Nevertheless, Jumping Jokers stands out from other fruit slots, because this successful game has a few special features to offer that provide even more entertainment and with a portion of luck even for extra high profits.

We not only show the most important tips and tricks with which successful players get the best out of Novoline's slot machine, but also explain how to play Jumping Jokers for free without registration and why both beginners and casino players with many years of experience themselves with this machine game should deal.

Jumping Jokers - an overview of the popular slot

Like many other modern slots, Jumping Jokers is played on five reels, each showing three pictures. The relatively low number of only five paylines, which cannot be varied by the user, is unusual. Like almost all Slot machine Is it the goal of the player to arrange the different main signs in such a way that combinations of the same symbols result.

If you don't want to press the start button every time to get the rollers in Jumping Jokers moving, you can simply use the autoplay function instead. For players who are particularly in a hurry, there is also the possibility to immediately end the rotation with the mouse or the space bar and then start the next round directly. However, we think that it is more pleasant to enjoy graphics and sound in full and not be rushed if we play Jumping Jokers for free or play for real money. But every player has to decide for themselves, because after all, there is no right way to play Jumping Jokers online.

Jumping Jokers play - this is how the slot machine works

In addition to the basic functions available at Jumping Jokers, there are other features that have contributed significantly to the fact that this machine in the American Internet casinos has become so popular.

There "Jumping Joker"

This fruit solder owes its name to the wild symbol. It ensures that the users can win even more money at Jumping Jokers online, because the funny joker jumps into all three fields of his roller when he appears. This often often leads to additional combinations and correspondingly frequent winning for the players when playing.

Der Mystery Scatter

The scatter symbol offers a no less great feature at Jumping Jokers. It does not trigger free spins, as is the case with many other slot machines in the casino, but instead ensures a win without detours. As usual for Scatter symbols, the crowns during Jumping Jokers do not have to be on the same payline, but can be on the screen in any place. As soon as at least 3 crowns can be seen, the random generator triggers a mystery gain, the amount of which is based on the number of crowns:

  • 3 scatter ensures a win between 2 times and 100 times the use.
  • 4 scatter ensures a win between 10 times and 500 times the use.
  • 5 scatter ensures a win between 100 times and 1,000 times the mission.

Anyone who is lucky here will win high amounts with the Mystery Scatter.

Das gamble feature

Of the Developer Novoline has integrated a so -called risk function in most of his slot machines. It is therefore not particularly surprising that Jumping Jokers also has this Gamble function.

If one or more winning combinations can be seen when the rollers stopped, the player can either collect the money, or he risks his profit in a card game against the random generator. The rules for this game are very simple, and a special strategy is not required here. The user just has to advise whether the next card in the stack is black or whether it is a red playing card.

If you have typed properly, you will be doubled from the online casino. However, players who tapping next to it must accept that their efforts are lost. Especially brave users can also double their profits with the risk function several times in a row.

If you don't want to use the additional feature, however, if you test jumping jokers for free or gamble with real money. This is possible with a click on the menu and then on the "Settings" sub -point.

Play Jumping Jokers for free - the conclusion

If you are interested in slots with exciting features, you should definitely play Jumping Jokers for free without registration. We offer both the Jumping Jokers Slot and many other casino games free of charge without registration because we find that every casino fan should have the opportunity to try out interesting slots and, if necessary, to use it in the long term without registration and your own money. Therefore, all interested parties can play Jumping Jokers for free and have an additional access to many other online slots, for which we also provide free play money.

If you also want to get to know Jumping Jokers, you are cordially invited to try Novoline's fruits solo without obligation without having to go into any obligation.

Jumping Jokers online with real chances of winning

Even if you play Jumping Jokers for free, the slot is a lot of fun. The virtual slot machine becomes even more exciting with real money. If you play real profits at Jumping Jokers online, you are much more happy about free spins and can often have a lot of money paid out from your customer account afterwards.

To play Jumping Jokers with real money, you have to register in an online casino. In most arcades you get a very generous bonus when you deposit money for the first time. For example, many providers double the first deposit amount, so that you can play with $ 50, for example, even if you have only paid $ 25 yourself.

Sometimes the start in the casino even works without having to risk credit. Some online arcades give away one Casino bonus without deposit To users who open an account. Try Jumping Jokers from Novoline with real money and experience the tension that comes from this virtual fruit slot!