Where can I play Jingle Spin slot machines?

It is drawn in a style that awakens memories of classic Christmas cards and will bring the players back to their childhood in no time.

It is possible to play Jingle Spin for free or in a reputable online casino to play real money.

At Jingle Spin from Netent you will find everything you expect when you hear the title - on the left you will see a high, pointed Christmas tree, while Santa Claus can turn the rollers on the opposite side. There are five small elves from Santa at the top! The symbols in the game also shout for Christmas! Some contain packaged gifts, mistletoe and more. Even the low -paying symbols are not card symbols here, but were made into Christmas balls.

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How can you win at Jingle Spin?

At first glance, the slot machine is a simple video slot that offers players the usual functions. Apart from the wild symbols, it offers a unique way to trigger bonus functions with which players can build a feeling of tension while playing.

Jingle Spin gives players the opportunity to play with every budget. The minimum insert of $ 0.20 means that players can easily participate with a low budget without thinking about exceeding the budget. The maximum use of $ 200 means that players who are used to playing games with a high budget can easily play at a level that they consider challenging and lucrative.

The maximum payout that can be awarded at Jingle Spin is 1,000 times its use. Since Jingle Spin is a game with low volatility, this is a very generous payout, which is supported by the payout rate of 96.48 %.

Most important rules of the game at a glance

The Christmas ball play game- Christmas balls are passed on to the elves during the game. If a wild symbol ends up on the roller and the eleven does not hold a ball, it only acts as a regular wild symbol. However, if a game ends up on the roller and the eleven holds a ball over it, a bonus function is triggered depending on the ball. Each colored ball corresponds to a certain characteristic:

  • The spreading game: When the eleven holds a spreading wild ball, the wild symbol turns all neighboring and diagonal symbols into a game to create as many paylines as possible. In this way, up to 3 x 3 fields with wilds can be created on the roles.
  • Free spins: If the eleven holds a free play ball in your hand, the wild symbol is awarded the number of free spins displayed on the ball. The number of free spins that are awarded can be 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 and 50. At the beginning of the free spins all elves get balls. This means that new bonus functions can be triggered during the free spins, including additional free spins.
  • County gain function: If the eleven holds a ball with a coin in your hand, the wild symbol gives an immediate profit, all profits achieved on the rollers. The immediate profit can reward 50 coins, 100 coins, 200 coins, 500 coins, 1000 coins and 2500 coins for each set coin. This means that up to 25,000 coins can be awarded.
  • If the eleven holds a surprise ball in your hand, one of the other functions is triggered by random.