Jaguar Moon slot machine from Novoline

The mysterious jungle in which numerous animals live and the predators go hunting at night. When the jungle wakes up, a wild paradise is evident in full moon, in which the most powerful of all cats, the Jaguar, is at home. With Jaguar Moon has Novoline Accepted this big cat and designed a slot in which the animal plays a major role. This slot machine was already published in 2018, with American fans basically missing this.

Because we remember: At the beginning of 2018, the Austrian provider withdrew from the American gambling market. However, thanks to the transitional regulation of the Gambling State Treaty in 2022, which has already come into force, the games of the software developer are now coming back to USA. It can therefore be assumed that in the near future you can also play Jaguar Moon online for real money in a correspondingly licensed casino.

But until then, you can play Jaguar Moon for free without registration and prepare for the upcoming real money game. Let's take a closer look at the machine game. What does this slot have to offer and what special features are integrated in the Jaguar Moon Slot?

Jaguar Moon from Novoline: A first overview

Classically, the game is made up of five reels and three rows. In addition, there are no normal paylines, but here the provider relies on "Allplay". This means that you only have to earn the same symbol on every roller so that you can look forward to a profit payment - provided that they appear from the first roller.

This makes it very interesting when you play Jaguar Moon. On the one hand, the rules are more than simple and on the other hand, the chances of winning are much higher than with other slots. The game is played from an operation of $ 0.25, while a maximum of $ 100 can be risked.

In addition to the main signs that ensure profits while playing Jaguar Moon online, there are also some side signs as well as special symbols and functions such as:

  • Scatter
  • Wild
  • Bonussymbole
  • Free Spins
  • Multipliers

If you want to put your luck to the test, you can play Jaguar Moon for free and find out what the goddess of luck in the deep jungle has in store for you.

Jaguar Moon play and win

Five reels, three rows and allplay - these are already excellent prospects when it comes to making profits at the Slot Jaguar Moon. In the end, the winning signs are particularly important, because after all, they are who determine how high the profit is. The payment table shows the following profits if you risk one $ per spin:

Symbol Sweat 4-way combination Good for you
Frau 4$ 20$ 80$
Jaguar-Statue 2$ 6$ 20$
Medallion, rings 1$ 3$ 10$
A, K, Q 0,40$ 1$ 5$
9, 10, J 0,20$ 0,80$ 4$

But that is by no means everything that brings you profits. Because that would be a little little and not at all the style of Novoline.

The bonus functions at Jaguar Moon Online

Of course, there are also some special symbols in the Jaguar Moon Slot. One of them is the wild symbol and this is the face of the Jaguar, which is directly marked accordingly. All other symbols can be replaced by this symbol, with the exception of the scatter, to supplement the incomplete profit combinations.

Another sign of profit is the scatter symbol. This is clearly marked with the word "bonus" and it becomes exciting. Because as soon as this sign shows three times on the rollers - starting from the first roller - the free play function is triggered. The number of free spins that are activated depends on the number of scatter on the first three rollers:

  • 6 Scatter: 20 free spins + five times multiplier
  • 5 scatter: 15 free games + four times multiplier
  • 4 Scatter: 12 Free Games + Triple Multiplier
  • 3 scatter: 8 free spins + double multiplier

It is a shame that it is not possible to obtain further free spins during this feature, as the scatter then no longer appears. How lucrative the free games can be, you can get an idea about it while playing Jaguar Moon for free without registration. Because here the multipliers give the game a real profit boost.

Jaguar Moon play for free

Would you easily venture into the dark jungle? Certainly not, but at Jaguar Moon you don't have to take any risk of risking your life and still experience pure thrills. At the Jaguar Moon online slot machine you can expect lost treasures, a hunter and a wild creature that, with a little luck, conjures up some profits.

As far as the design and the graphic are concerned, both have succeeded, while the sound unfortunately does not fit the topic of Jaguar Moon. If you want to convince yourself of what the slot machine has to offer, you can play Jaguar Moon for free without registration. You benefit from some advantages:

  • With the play money provided, you can play Jaguar Moon with no time limit and without your own financial commitment.
  • Because you play Jaguar Moon for free, it is possible for you to better assess the game mechanics and probability of winning.
  • In addition, the free game is a way to easily enjoy the slot.
  • You can try tricks or develop a strategy in relation to your missions.

When it comes to important tips about the game at an online machine, we can only advise you to Casino games for free without registration To play before you risk real money.

Jaguar Moon play for real money

There are all sorts of alternatives if you no longer only want to play Jaguar Moon for free. As is known from Novoline, the provider again attaches great importance to a simple gameplay in this slot machine game. Thus newcomers as well as experienced Player in the online casino No difficulty starting in the game.

If you want to play Jaguar Moon for real money, this is already possible in selected virtual arcades. We present recommended platforms for the real money game. With a little luck you can even get one Casino bonus without deposit Secure with which you can play certain slot machines for free and with a little luck you can win real money. Such a bonus is rare and may not be found for this machine, but for comparable exciting games.