Overview and characteristics

Slot machines with fruits as symbols are really abandoned. In online casinos, too, slots such as Fruitilicious from Novoline are the evergreens under the Slot machine. As a rule, structure and sounds are reminiscent of classic machines and one -armed bandits. In almost every restaurant and arcade in USA, there was already an automatic machine like Fruitilicious. As is so often the case, the game principle is rather simple here, so that both old hands and newcomers can start quickly and, with a little luck, have success experiences.

The online continuation of the fruits classics takes shape in the form of fruitilicious. Both the known strengths and the less striking properties were used online Casino transported. Fruitilicious Online is also more suitable for players who are looking for a simple game principle without complex free spins or the like. Novoline's fruitilicious fulfills its purpose as a fruit solder. Of course you can play fruitilicious for free on our page without registration.


The game is played in a field with three rows and five reels. The number of paylines remains fixed to five and cannot be changed. With each symbol you need at least three same per payline. With four or even five identical symbols on one line, the distributions are of course higher. If you find at least three same main signs on several lines, fill your cash register with great winning combinations. The highest profit is always evaluated for each payment line. The minimum use with five paylines is $ 0.02 per line, i.e. $ 0.10 per spin. In the free demo version, the use can be turned up to 1000 coins. If you want to look at the whole thing first, you can play fruitilicious for free on our platform without registration.

To be able to play a slot like Fruitilicious for free is a great advantage. So it can first be tested without real money how the volatility of the game behaves and with what operations the best success is achieved. If you have an internet -enabled mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet and the corresponding internet connection, you can also play a few rounds of Fruitilicious on the go. So you are well prepared when you want to play a few laps with your own money. When choosing the mission, however, it only depends on your preferences and your budget. In slot machines like Fruitilicious, it is not worth following a strategy or any tips and tricks from the Internet. Each player has the same chances of the big win. So you can only hope to have caught a golden day and enjoy the tension.

Sound und Design

The background noise is reminiscent of classic slot machines and the usual climber of Novoline. However, the noises were sometimes changed and now sound a little happier. In addition to the various fruits, the lucky number seven is again in the game. Nostalgia will also arise from the background of the background design: the design is strongly reminiscent of the colorful period of the 80s.

Special features of playing the Fruitilicious Slots

In contrast to most games, the profit evaluation at Fruitilicious takes place in both directions. Otherwise the profits will usually be counted from left to right. This function ensures a particularly high profit potential. It is best to understand this if you test the demo version without registration and play fruitilicious for free. The comparison with modern slots, in which profits are mainly triggered via a wild symbol or a scatter symbol, is hardly possible. The two systems are too different for that. However, you can always compare the RTP. At Fruitilicious, this is 95 percent in a decent, but also not outstanding area. With this number it is illustrated which percentage of the entire missions between all players is distributed. So it is the average payout rate. Some players are significantly higher, others significantly below. You can also put your happiness to the test without your own risk by playing fruitilicious for free.

The rules can be viewed under "Paytable" and then "More info". However, unfortunately they are not available in American.


Although there are no free spins or wilds at Fruitilicious online, as with most other fruit slots, the profits in the basic game are really impressive!

  • The red seven: The number of luck seven is shown online red at Fruitilicious on a green background. It can bring in the selected use 1000 if it is hit five times on a payline!
  • Grapes: Instead of a glass of wine, the grapes can become a huge profit from the Fruitilicious Slot. They bring up to 100x.
  • Watermelon: With the halved melon, profits up to 100 times can also be made.
  • Plums, oranges, lemons, cherries: These main signs can release up to 25x. If three same symbols appear on one line, there is only double use as a consolation price.

Fruitilicious Online also has a gamble feature with which you can increase your profits again. After each win, if you play without a car play, you have the opportunity to bet on a card color. If you have typed properly, the profit previously achieved will be doubled. Otherwise you have to write off the profit. This procedure can be repeated several times. The chance is always 50/50. If you want to familiarize yourself with this function, you can play Fruitilicious for free.

Conclusion: Play Fruitilicious for free!

Many players are likely to experience a touch of nostalgia with the Fruitilicious slot when the reels turn again free of charge and roll the fruit symbols into the picture. If you have caught a good day and see that a payline of several sevens is decorated, this will of course make you feel happy. Newcomers will quickly find their way with the simple game principle. Experienced players are happy about the two-sided counting of the profits and the risk option. The design awakens memories of past pub evenings. If you long for a change, you have the opportunity to test many different casino games for free without registration!

Play fruitilicious with real money

When it comes to real money, the thrill is of course much higher when playing. The two -sided evaluations of the profits and the Novoline Gamble Feature make it possible to dust off a nice sum with a pinch of happiness. With a bonus, Fruitilicious is twice fun. Both as an experienced player and as a new customer, you can get from one of the offers such as the Casino bonus without deposit benefit.