Fire Joker online slot machine from Play’n Go at a glance

A simple, but still extremely attractive and appealing slot machine is Fire Joker from Play’n Go. As most fans of the provider Play’n Go already know, the manufacturer attaches particular importance to the high quality of its games. And of course this is also guaranteed at Fire Joker online!

The 3 roller slot machine has a 3 × 3 field on which five paylines were placed. Hopefully you can look forward to a lot of lucrative profits on these paylines if you play Fire Joker! Since this is a slot machine game with a volatility that is roughly in the middle of the field, the first payments should not be long in coming.

But maybe the Fire Joker Slot can do even more?
Yes, he can! Despite the simple design and the simple structure with only three rollers, the developers have provided some varied tricks that take the time at this machine as if in a flash. It's best to just take a look at this title yourself - with us you can play Fire Joker for free without registration. In the following sections, we will show you how you can easily play Fire Joker for free on the Internet and what tips you should consider in a game at this machine.

Play Fire Joker - a simple slot

Basically, as with most 3 rollers, it is a slot machine that is easy to use and in which no complex strategy is required so that the first successes are set. However, a few basic information can be helpful to get the full positive gaming experience when using Fire Joker.

Building of Fire Joker

The Slot Fire Joker shows three reels with three rows of symbols in the center of the field. In contrast to many other slot machines that have the same or a similar structure, the payment table is not given directly next to the rollers. This creates a large and clear playing field, which enables easy play enjoyment on both the PC and on smaller mobile devices with correspondingly smaller screens.

There are a total of five paylines that run over the grid and are firmly specified in number. A setting before each rotation is therefore not necessary. However, what you always have to set before the start of the game is the desired application height. Even if you play Fire Joker for free, you can see how far the field of possible uses extends. In the game with real money, you can of course also choose freely.

The minimum insert is one cent per line, equivalent 5 cents per rotation. A maximum of 20 $ per line or $ 100 per round can even be played - a welcome rarity under simple 3 rollers slot machines, which often only offer very limited possible uses. Play’n Go, of course, knows that high scooters also like to enjoy the simple game of fruit slots from time to time.

By the way, what we can tell you now: thanks to the good payout rate of the machine of 96.15% and medium volatility, Fire Joker could actually be particularly suitable for playing with cash.

The gameplay

We have already mentioned it: the paylines are fixed, so that even this step is no longer necessary when handling Fire Joker online. With this, you actually make your way to the first win at this casino slot machines in just three steps:

  1. Set operations
    The application value is adjusted directly under the rollers. There you click on the desired overall assignment of the current spin. All available options are displayed, whereby various intervals are offered between $ 0.05 and $ 100. The online slot machine then uses the use per rotation in order to calculate the use per payline.
  2. Turn roll
    Start a round by pressing the spin button. As a result, the machine carries out a single rotation. Anyone who prefers the autoplay option can let between 10 and 100 spins run in a row and select different cases in which the machine should cancel the continuous turns prematurely.
  3. Collect profits
    The profits are calculated automatically, depending on which symbols appear on the field and which bonus features were earned.

Handling is simple, that much is certain. But don't worry - you don't have to fear boredom when visiting the Fire Joker Slot! The title has a lot to offer, as we will show you below.

The symbols at Fire Joker

The signs used immediately show what this slot machine is about: classic vegas flair, fresh fruits and of course fiery joker. With nine different symbols, there is enough variety. In detail this means:

  • The main signs in the game are led by the joker as the highest quality symbol. This is followed, but with a clear distance, the red seven, the shiny stars and the golden bar symbols.
    The profits range from an 80-fold payout in the case of the joker over 25 and 20 times payments for the seven and stars to 15 times the payment at the bar symbols.
  • The various fruits could then be described as a side sign that gives all the promises of profit in the single -digit range. You can see plums, grapes, lemons, cherries and a somewhat misplaced silver "X" at Fire Joker online. In this category, 7 times and 2 times are paid out.

Classic characters, as you know them from the typical one -armed bandits that have inspired tens of thousands of lucky knights in USA and the world long before the first online casino.

Win online with Fire Joker - that's easy too

We have already looked at the different symbols. But now of course the question arises how to actually get into the game of these signs. This is very easy, about the formation of so -called profit combinations.

Regular profit combinations

Regular profit combinations arise from Fire Joker if one of the paylines is occupied with three same characters. All profit combinations are always 3 combinations. No profits are awarded for two consecutive same characters. The evaluation takes place from the left. However, since Fire Joker plays on a slot machine with three rollers and three signs are always necessary for a proceeds, this does not matter in everyday practical life.

A simple concept that does not necessarily require you to play Fire Joker for free to know your way around the rules. Of course, a few relaxed free play rounds cannot hurt.

Also one or the other bonus is waiting

If you have already given up all hope for special features, wild and scatter symbols or free spins when describing the simple 3 roller slot machine, you should now start up and play a few rounds of fire joker for free without registration. The game has a lot more than just regular profits from 3 combinations! In total, there are actually three different bonus functions with this title:

  1. Wild Symbol
    The joker, just as you have already suspected, is the wild sign that can replace other motifs. He can not only ensure profits himself, but also complete other profit combinations.
  2. FeedRecies
    If you narrowly put past a profit when rotation, i.e. whenever the same symbol comes to a standstill on two rollers and only a symbol is necessary to complete a profit-making combination of characters, this roller is subjected to a re-spin. Although this is not classic free spins, the function comes very close because it is triggered quite often with only three rollers.
  3. Cycling wheel and multiplier
    After a rotation, land a field that is completely covered by one and the same symbol, the wheel of fortune bonus starts. This means that you can take part in a mini bonus game where you turn on a wheel of fortune and thus secure a multiplier for the profit. This enables 2 times up to 10 times profit payments.

We think that is a lot of variety for a fruity slot with only three rollers. Play’n GO has become more than fair in this game as a top game manufacturer.

Play Fire Joker for free now

Enthusiasm that arises when describing the slot - this is not uncommon in the case of Fire Joker. Luckily that you can play Fire Joker for free at any time and are therefore only a few seconds away from the game pleasure. Play slot machines for free without registration With us, however, not only means free access to the Top Slot Fire Joker! There are also a lot of other games of different developers waiting to be tried out by you.

All games can be used in the browser and therefore without the annoying download of software and can be played free of charge and of course without registration. An ideal way, we find to test different machines or to design the perfect game strategy for more complex games.

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