General information about Fancy Fruits slot machine from Gamomat

When it comes to developing entertaining, exciting and entertaining games, there is a manufacturer that you should always call: Gamomat. The developers of this group give us all sorts of casino games as we do in all possible casinos can play online worldwide. A game from Gamomat is the video solder Fancy Fruits. As the name suggests, everything revolves around fruit. Thematically, this game can be classified for the classic slot machines, although its design is a typical video solder.

If you like, you can play Fancy Fruits for free - without registration. Get to know and love the game for free here is the motto. You can find out in the following article so that you know how the game works and what profits you can calculate or any tips and tricks. We shed light on what to win when you in Online casino real money Risk or what you can experience if you just play out of fun in the game. You can find the slot fancy fruits online - very uncomplicated, without registration and without download - here with us.

The game Fancy Fruits is a 5-roll video slot in extremely classic style. What do we want to say? The fact that on the one hand it is a video solder that you can also expect "extremely classic" symbols and a classic gameplay. There are neither wild symbols, nor scatter symbols, also no bonus symbols or any other surprising features that many of us, players are looking for. This leads to the fact that the comfort that all these features consider unnecessarily.

And because we spoke of the classic symbols - there are almost exclusively fruits as the main signs:

  • The seven as a lucky number
  • Melon
  • Grapes
  • plum
  • Orange
  • lemon
  • Cherries

Overall, this makes a small selection of 7 different symbols. This is good because there are the following rule of thumb in slots: the more different symbols, the more chances of winning and the smaller the probability of winning. The fewer symbols, the higher the chance of winnings. The more profit lines, the more profits you can expect.

So that the profits do not increase immeasurably, a stop was put forward to the whole. There are only 5 predefined paylines. The RTP value is thus commuting, which is a guideline for the theoretical probability of payout, at 96.06%. This is a rather average value. The symbols are more functional and strikingly lovingly designed. The sound was soon muted due to the lack of attractiveness during the test.

How do you play Fancy Fruits online?

So that you can feel the gameplay we described, you should play Fancy Fruits for free. The rules are very simple - typical slot. You choose the use you are willing to use. This represents one mission per payline. Then you either let the rollers rotate manually, or you leave the whole of the autoplay function. The operations vary between 0.05 and 25 $ per game. Here you can control your risk quite well. Speaking of taxes: The Gamomat slot machine game also allows the rollers to stop manually by clicking on the mouse if you like to take the booklet yourself.

After there is neither wild nor scatter or other features at Fancy Fruits, the rest of the game is quickly explained. If you have at least 3 equal symbols on the left edge on a payline, this gains exactly this winning combination. The payment table reveals how high the profit is. The greatest possible profit waves the seven with 5 times-namely 10,000 times the mission. Four of these symbols still bring 2,000 times. That is as much as 5 melons would bring. Compared to this, the winnings for cherries, the "cheapest" symbol, are relatively lean.

There are often several profits at once. This is the advantage of the "stacked symbols", which means that the same symbol on the same roller can appear stacked on top of each other several times. If there are 3 of these stacked symbols side by side, there are often 3 winning combinations at the same time.

Play fancy fruits for free without registration

All gamers who prefer the simplicity of a game will also love Fancy Fruits. It is precisely this uncomplicated, no -frills, which the supporters particularly like. There are enough slots overloaded with features. Simple video slots are more of a marginal phenomenon. If you like, you should Play slot machines for free without registration. Simply here with us. Just try out how the game affects you. Lodge how often you win high amounts, which commitment brings you the most. And find out if you like what the Fancy Fruits slot machine has to offer.

We emphasize again what the be -all and end -all of this slot is. Not that you start adventure with false expectations. It is a slot machine with 7 main signs, whereby a maximum of 5 profit combinations per rotation gives profits. There are neither Wilds who ensure increased chances of winning, nor scatter that trigger respins or free spins. There is no bonus symbol or any other special features. That is why the game as such is a thoroughly classic machine game. However, because there are only a few different symbols, the RTP value is still relatively high. The winnings move at a moderate to high level. This ensures the necessary tension.

As I said, you should first play Fancy Fruits for free and find out if you like this type of slot. And you should put on a strategy that promises profits. Later you can switch to the game for real money.

Fancy Fruits and the game for real money

Do you no longer play fancy fruits for free? Also good. The game is quickly learned. There will hardly be any surprising effects. Nothing stands in the way of the game for real money in an online casino. By the way, the ideal online casino offers a no deposit bonus - one Bonus without deposit. This is a credit consisting of play money or free spins that you receive alone for a successful registration. Of course, it gambles even easier than with your own money for which you work every day.

Beginners should always play Fancy Fruits for free and then try to play with bonus funds in order to bear as little risk as possible. So they certainly get most profits out.

Do you want to know where you get a casino bonus without a deposit? Then follow the links. We offer the necessary information you are looking for.