Our everyday life as a slot machine tester is always exciting and varied. Some games are rather quiet, some are wild. However, a slot machine has just impressed us, because we wanted to play wildly. You may already have guessed, this statement should be in a kind of wit. She refers to one Merkur game, exactly said extra wild by Merkur. This is a machine that made us totally wild with his sonorous title alone. Oh yes, and before we forget to mention: With us you are in the right place for you if it sounds tempting for you to play extra wild without registration. Do you need tips, want to learn a few tricks, maybe a strategy to win? No problem, here are the rules and everything that USA should experience on the subject of extra wild online.

Our impressions of playing wildly game

We, Americans, sometimes get into the reputation that we are pretty stuffed. The opposite of extra wild, quasi. But if you really think that, have never experienced us in the casino and certainly not in the online casino. If we have found the right game there, we are not “typical American”. While we play extra wild for free without registration, we can really freak out - of course in a positive sense. We love the provider Mercury and keep an eye out for playing this brand. Since the extra wild slot is so exciting, it would be quite conceivable that one day half USA gathered online. The slot machine is a bit like us: purely externally quite tame, but if you tease the wild side out, it goes smoothly. Do you already hear the rollers rattling and want to play extra wild for free? Just come to our site without registration, the machine is always ready!

Spend time with extra wild online and play out of time

If you open wild online, you may feel a little tingling in your fingers like us. This is probably due to the optical stimuli. The main signs and wild symbols are all very valuable things. There are plumed wallets, sinfully expensive pocket watches and so much more to discover what you could buy with real money. Everything is so abundant that Merkur scattered it on the paylines and the extra wild slot just flashes and flashes. By the way: Are you right or left-handed? We ask that because you can play wildly in the mobile version, as you like. Simply switch between right-hand and left-handed mode! The machine manufacturer has threaded that quite cleverly, we think. So everyone can collect the bonus and the free spins with their dominant hand. So if you access a tablet or smartphone online, you can let off steam as long as you want. Win left with the left or with right, the main thing is free!

Casino sound and nostalgic feeling

The slot machine game has a few years on his belt, but it never gets boring. We always put the sound effects really nice in a good atmosphere. Since we play extra wild for free, we can make our play money inserts with full hands and train extra wild online. Playing can take hours, although there is neither 3D graphics nor Scatter symbol. The many wild symbols with multipliers and the signal tones, which vary depending on the winning combinations, entertain us very well. We always feel like you are in a casino. Everything is so stylish and has a timeless chic. Who would let the chance of free spins pass unused in such a pleasant environment? You not? Then you should quickly play wildly for free and enjoy the show as much as we do! Now we are a little more intensive about the details of the game, because there is a lack of American game instructions. We have changed this for you and announce the details. So nothing should stand in the way of your happiness and game pleasure while you play extra wildly.

How to play extra wildly

If you open the game for the first time, it is not yet possible to know how much is different from other games. The way of playing has largely remained the same. They press the start button and the reels turn quickly, then stop and the profits are evaluated. Of course, the slot game also has an autoplay feature that allows you to turn the rollers even faster and even be able to sit back completely. This function therefore fits in every strategy. But enough of it. Now we are telling you the unique feature that is specially presented with you. The ten paylines pay the profits not only from right to left. Interestingly, the winning combinations also apply from left to right. The fact that profit combinations in the middle of the paylines also pay even more remarkable, even without with the first or last roller. This opens up a lot of interesting opportunities for profits. For a game that has five reels and three rows, this feature is extremely rare or maybe even unique. This gives another reason to try this game.

The main signs of extra wild

The prize symbols follow, which of course play a really important role. You can easily distinguish the main signs in your design, but maybe you like we have a little problem to remember the monetary values. We can simplify that in no time. After thorough research, we have created a list for you in which each of the winning signs is called exactly according to its value. So you only need to take a single look at the list to recognize which signs are now better than others. For example, the top symbols would be rather weak in terms of profit height, but there are extremely valuable signs at the lower end. We believe that this table will help you learn a lot or is alternatively good to look up.

  • The heart -shaped trailer, the coins and the pocket watch
  • The ruby ring and the bag full of gold
  • The emerald and ruby
  • The diamond

The extra wild bonus

Finally, we have to talk about one of the most important features. Of course, it's about the bonus function that you will find in almost every good game. Although it already stands out with its special paylines, the game symbol makes the game really special. Basically, it works as you would expect. The reels turn and they watch how a winning combination forms. But then they see it. Oh dear, there is a gap! But if you take a closer look and see that the game has sat down, you can continue to celebrate. Namely replaces the sign of any other normal prize symbol and can therefore be compared with a joker. Combined with the above-mentioned profit line feature, the game is even stronger than ever.

But that's still not all, because the game is also a multiplier. Yes, if you achieve a profit combination in which a safe occurs, the safe opens and you can see which profit multiplier hides in it. Is it x2? Or x3? If you are really lucky, you can even collect your profit X7. Who could say “no”? However, if you have no winning options despite wild on the screen, you don't need to be sad even then. Then the safe opens and you get your entire use. This game is one of the best and makes you unique.

Our judgment: play extra wildly free, we are always wild on that

What do you think of finding out how you play wildly for free, how you like the machine game? We tried to bring the retro slot closer to them and explain everything worth knowing. But your own practical test is always really revealing. Try wildly how often you get profit combinations and let the wild symbol work for you. Play on the desktop or mobile phone, just as you like. Casino games for free without registration are a hobby where you can only win. You can screw up your missions without loading your budget, because it is just a play money. In this safe way, playing the extra wild makes sense and you can simply drive the machine carefree to his limit. Start spontaneously and immediately, nothing can stop you from it. Registration is not required, so off you go!

Extra wild for real money? Wild, but referred, please

You are of the opinion that playing is fun for free, but a few real money rounds would you find you extra wild? We say, why not? Those who see the potential in the wild symbol will most likely come up with this idea. Before you take your real money at hand, please concentrate on the casino selection. If you are extra conscientious, the game can be all the wilder. First, the license and top assessment of a good casino takes any doubt and secondly, such a casino will also give you an extra. What is that? They already suspect it. A Casino bonus without deposit. This allows you to play as you have already tried and practiced for free: extra wild!