Overview and features slot machine from Novoline

Attention scary friends! With the Empire V slot, the developer Novoline presents a well -thought -out online slot machine with great functions. The topic here consists of all the creepy things that you would not like to meet in a cemetery at night. At Empire V, the vampires and werewolves are very tame, so that they have to fear less bit of them than that they can hope for huge profits through them. No matter whether you are already a veteran in online Casino are, or want to take their first steps and experience as a newcomer, Empire V will captivate them and will not let go quickly. On the one hand, this is due to the exciting features and on the other hand due to the very successful presentation. You can find out how to play Empire V for free without registration here. You will also learn how the game is played and what to consider if you want to get to know the beings from Empire V.


Immediately you will notice the dark background with creepy forest and an old house that appears uncontrollably in the distance when you play Empire V for free. This background not only looks impressive, but also creates the right mood while playing for free. In front of it you will see the rollers. You will quickly notice that, unlike conventional slot machines, the roles will not have their own design. So the symbols float visually simply into a row. This ensures that you see more of the background and thus improve the game atmosphere again.

Above all, the symbols will stand out when they play Empire V for free. Because here Novoline did not spell no trouble during development, so that in the final result, a detailed drawing of the symbols with well -selected motifs came out. So it is fun to look at the signs and it just doesn't get bored to be able to play Empire V. Below you will find a list that lists all the main signs of Empire V Online in its value and the number behind it shows how often the symbol must at least appear to drop a profit:

  • Blue cross and pik symbol (X3)
  • Rotes Herz- & Karo-Symbol (x3)
  • Candle stand and perfume bottles (X3)
  • Bat and werewolf (X3)
  • Vampirfuen (CC)
  • Male vampire (x2)

These main signs are supplemented by the following symbols, which are able to trigger special functions:

  • The moon mill as a wild symbol
  • The scary lock as a scatter symbol

How these signs work is still explained elsewhere.

Gamble Feature

For the manufacturer's slots Novoline Actually atypical, the possibility of increasing its profits with a gamble feature was avoided. However, you will not miss this feature if you play Empire V for free, as the other functions in combination with the good atmosphere guarantee the fun.

How to play Empire V Online

One of the many advantages of Empire V is how quickly you are able to learn the game. The rules are not difficult at all and also offer novices a good start into the world of Slot machine. Also because you can try it out for free and without registration whether the Empire V slot hits your taste.

Empire V is played with five reels, on which there are three symbols. The paylines run through these rollers. On these, it is important to always line up the same sign from left to right, so that a profit combination is created. The larger this combination, the higher the premium that you get after the round. So your goal is to achieve the greatest possible profit combination in order to really cope with if you play Empire V for free.

To adapt your strategy as much as possible, you can set before each round how many paylines you would like to play with. So you can decide for yourself whether you want to play with more or less risk. If you are ready to use more credits and select more paylines, your chance of a profitable combination increases. If you are more the reserved guy, you can also play with fewer lines of Empire V online.

Wild Symbol

As a player, if you don't have to play Empire V online, you will not have to do without special symbols that promise enormous profits. The moon, for example, acts as a wild symbol, in front of which two bats pull its circles, so that the whole thing looks like a scary face. In addition to the profits that the sign itself can release, it also offers the function of replacing all main signs in order to make larger profits possible.

Scatter Symbol

Where there is a wild symbol, the scatter symbol is usually not far. So also with Empire V, embodied here through the vampire lock. If at least three copies appear somewhere on the rollers, ten free spins are activated. This promises particularly high profits, since during the free spins only the symbols can appear that also pay good premiums.


You can spend a maximum of 200 credits per payline per round to face the vampires and go hunting trophy while playing Empire V. The lowest value that you can pay to take it more carefully are 10 credits, i.e. one per line.

tips and tricks

Choose a cautious strategy, especially at the beginning of your season, by keeping the operations low. So you can get used to how everything works by playing Empire V for free.

If you expect a relaxed gaming experience, in which you are not required much effort, you can use the autoplay feature so that the spins are carried out automatically. So you can lean back and enjoy the scary fun.

Play Empire V for free without registration

This slot comes with a good atmosphere and enormous fun. If your interest is awakened, you should take the time and try it yourself to get an idea. You can also do more with us Test casino games for free without registration.

Play Empire V for real money now

If you have got used to it and are ready to take the next step, you can also play Empire V in USA for real money. It is worthwhile to look for a casino that promises you a good bonus for the beginning. With us you will find numerous providers who the one Casino bonus without deposit promise. So you can play with start -up capital.