Game features and overview

With Dynasty of Ming, Novoline has developed a slot machine with an interesting historical background, since here the Ming Dynasty is concentrated. A little background information about the Ming Dynasty in China: This prevailed from the middle of the 14th to the middle of the 17th century and replaced the Mongolian Yuan dynasty. In this almost turbulent time of China, Dynasty of Ming is located by Novoline, which of course stimulates the imagination and enables this historical context to integrate this historical context. We will go into more detail about the design of Dynasty of Ming later, but if you want to take a look at this game, you can play the American demo version of Dynasty of Ming for free without registration.

Novoline Keep the rules of Dynasty of Ming simple, which does not lead to feature poverty in this slot machine game, even the popular gamble feature is offered if you play Dynasty of Ming. Above all, this function is always an exciting experience, because you never know whether the next pressure has a profit or loss. However, you will probably quickly realize that you will be entertained passively at Dynasty of Ming Online. If the game with features or complicated rules had been overloaded, the chance that you will feel distracted.

In this article we will investigate the question of whether the Dynasty of Ming is entertaining, whether Novoline has prevented boredom and how the atmosphere of the slot machine develops. To answer this question, the structure of Dynasty of Ming is first presented, then the control panel of the machine together with the symbols is presented, the conclusion makes an explanation of how to play Dynasty of Ming for free without registration.


When building the Dynasty of Ming Slots, Novoline relies on the classic five reels that have three rows. This simplifies the entry, especially for users who have already played similar machines. A total of 15 characters are displayed on all three rows if you play Dynasty of Ming for free or challenge your luck with real money. They are offered nine paylines while playing. Profits are counted here from the left side, which still enables many different winning combinations. You can choose how many of the paylines should be active in the menu of the slot machine. All combinations can be checked in the information menu if you play Dynasty of Ming online for free.

Sound und Design

The design is all about Chinese culture from the 14th to 17th centuries, which is of course understandable if you retain the name in mind. In itself, the design is very minimalistic. It was a nice idea to present Dynasty of Ming online as a machine, there is a casino flair. Otherwise, as already mentioned, the background is calm and subtle. So you can see some Asian buildings at the upper end, while discovering Chinese dragons below. Of course, the symbols are shown in the middle, all of which are kept in Chinese style. This is how Ming vases, jewelry or warriors can be discovered. This in combination with the design of the machine creates a coherent design. You can make yourself an image of design by playing the Dynasty of Ming demo version for free.

Minimalism also continues with sound design because there is no background music in the game, activating the rollers is accompanied by a sound, but this is very generic and even feels inappropriate. The profits are accompanied by small sounds, which exactly hit the same notch as the sounds of the rollers. All in all, we would like to tell you more about the sound, but it is difficult to write about nothing. If the sound is disturbing, then exhibit it, even if you play Dynasty of Ming for free.

How to play Dynasty of Ming

Here the player becomes one of the Most entry -friendly slot machines offered. The rules are kept simple, but they are also offered their own features so that there is no boredom. Above all, of course, the Gamble feature. At Dynasty of Ming, you do not need any special strategies or tactics, in contrast to other computer games. Here you hope that you are lucky and that chance is on your side. If you receive a profit, you can increase it in the Gamble feature, you will be given the opportunity to choose black or red, the card will be turned over, your use will be doubled or the profit is gone. You can easily familiarize yourself with this feature by playing Dynasty of Ming online for free. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you tips or tricks that could help you to win particularly high profits.

The symbols at Dynasty of Ming

There are a total of 13 symbols at Dynasty of Ming, eleven of these pictures count as the main signs, there is a scatter symbol that is responsible for triggering free spins, as well as a wild symbol.

  • „9“
  • „10“, „J“, „Q“
  • „K“, „A“
  • Kelch and vase
  • Chain
  • Lady and statue
  • Dragon
  • Kaiser

The first bonus symbol is the dragon, which acts as a scatter symbol. As a scatter, the kite only has to appear on the rollers and do not necessarily lie on a payline. If you receive three or more dragons, you will be granted 15 free spins, as well as a triple multiplier. The second bonus symbol from Dynasty of Ming is the emperor himself, which replaces all other symbols as a wild symbol, except for the scatter symbol. The demo version can help you familiarize yourself with the signs when you play the Dynasty of Ming Slot.

The winning opportunities at Dynasty of Ming

At Dynasty of Ming you have the opportunity to set between 1 coin and 200 coins. With a little luck, you have the chance to win 1000 times.

Conclusion: Play Dynasty of Ming online for free!

Friends of classic slot machines will feel perfectly cared for at Dynasty of Ming, the bonus symbols and the Gamble feature keep the game interesting. If you want to go on a trip to the Ming Dynasty's time, you can test this and many other casino games for free without registration on our website.

Dynasty of Ming play with real money

You may lack the tension if you can play Dynasty of Ming for free. Then you should be in one online Casino, which provides the players in USA an attractive bonus. Here we have put together a list for you, of course there are welcome packages for newcomers, but also offers where you can Casino bonus without deposit receives.