Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe slot machine from Novoline (Novomatic)

Dive deep down with the Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe slot machine and encounter the peaceful marine residents. In this game you go in search of the valuable pearls that are kept in pretty mussels on the sea floor. For all newcomers in the online casino and nostalgic, Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe von Novoline The perfect machine game. The rules could hardly be easier and the compilation of sound and design causes a real retro atmosphere.

Find out all the details, tips and tricks about the game now and find out how to play Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe for free without registration! We explain the game structure and tell you what special features the game has all the way for you.

Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe online testen

Are you enthusiastic about the sea world, do you feel free in the water or do you like to enjoy the fresh sea air? In these cases, the slot machine Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe will surely captivate you and inspire you with beautiful graphics. The slot machine leads us down to the sea floor and provides an insight into life that takes place here. Colorful fish pull over the rollers, crabs rummage up the floor and hidden in the sea grass one or two seahorse appears. If you have been snorkeling or diving, you can compare your experience with the graphics of the game. Novoline has troubled to process the symbols in particular in detail.

The background of the rollers is simple and simply blue. The rollers are separated by bladder -shaped markings, which gives the whole a certain kind of liveliness. Under the rollers you can look at the sea floor, which is adorned by dark corals and sea plants. As soon as you start playing, the events are accompanied by the traditional tones and sounds of an old daddel automaton. You might have expected a few quiet noises from the sea here, but the game is a bit older and contributes to the popular old school style with the sound effects.

Novoline classic with a simple structure

Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe playing for free has been possible for a long time. The slot was actually published in 2009 and is one of the most popular titles of the casino scene. Before you plunge into the adventure, you should get an overview of the basics of the game. We took the trouble and summarized all information for our readers!

The game is played with a classic game structure consisting of 5 rollers and 3 rows. A total of 10 paylines are distributed on these, which you can activate freely. Accordingly, it is enough to only play with an active payline. Of course, your chances of winning increase if you use all available lines. It is important to determine an assignment per active line. This can be between 0.04 and 10 $ per line. Overall, you can play with a deployment of 100 $ with 10 active paylines. However, since you can also play for 0.04 $ the game is equally suitable for newcomers and high rollers.

Game rules at Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe

Whether you want to play Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe for free or want to set a few coins real money, you should know beforehand which symbols you should pay particular attention to in the game. There is not only the chance to make profits in the usual way, i.e. by landing profit combinations of identical symbols. Some of them also act as bonus symbols and mount special surprises. But only once for the overview of all game symbols:

  • Delfin
  • Mussel with pearl inside
  • Ray
  • Crab
  • Colorful fish
  • Seahorse
  • A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9

You can almost imagine that the dolphin and the pearl mussel are the two main signs. These are not only equipped with special functions, they also ensure the highest possible profits in the game. If the dolphin ends up five times in combination on the rollers, the use is paid for 360 times. With the pearl mussel there is still 200 times the use as a payout.

Use bonus by Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe online

Novoline has not equipped his iconic Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe slot machine with one or two, but with three bonus functions worth mentioning, build up the great tension with the player and ensure that certain thrills. Basically, you always have the chance to play your winnings. This is ensured by the Gamble function, which is already an integral part of the developer's slot machines.

If you have been able to create a profit combination with a spin, you must then select what you want to do with your profit before continuing. You have the opportunity to have the profit directly credited to your player account or play it and to increase the profit with a little luck. If you do not want to take the risk, click the "Collect" button. Otherwise, click on "Gamble" to test your luck. The game surface is changed and you see a stacked cards in front of you. Your job is to predict the right color of the next card. Red or black? If you are correct, your profit is doubled. In the other case, however, they go out completely empty and start again in the base game. You can play a whole five times for winning if you get to this. We recommend testing this if you play Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe for free.

Wild symbols and scatter symbols

A feature that regular casino players always pay attention to is the equipment of a slot machine with wild and scatter symbols. This is not questionable, after all, they usually drive up the chances of winning enormously. At Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe there are both symbols. The wild symbol is shown by the dolphin and is accordingly equipped with the function of being able to replace all other symbols. An exception is only the shell, which is considered a scatter symbol. With the help of the dolphin, incomplete combinations for profit combinations can be completed or supplemented. In addition, all profits that came about thanks to the wild symbol are paid twice. Of course, this makes the dolphin a particularly valuable main sign.

What about the scatter symbol? This can ensure that you can play Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe for free because it triggers the popular free spins. The pearl mussel has to land on the reels at least three times, the positions are no longer important. In this case, you will receive 15 free spins that are played for the previously specified use. But that's not all. So that these free spins really pay off, all profits from the free spins are provided with a multiplier of X3. So all payments are credited three times!

Play Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe for free!

We think a lot of the entertaining Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe slot machine game. Players are not only kidnapped to the seabed. At the same time, they travel a little back in time and end up with a genuine retro slot. This ensures a great change between today's many modern slot machines. And although the slot machine Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe has been carrying on his hump for a few years, it does not disappoint due to a lack of bonus functions. On the contrary, players can expect increased chances of winning thanks to a generous number of possible free spins and high multipliers!

Do you hear from Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe for the first time today and want to test the classic on the topic of "Below in the sea"? Then we would like to give you the opportunity now. With us you can All slot machines play for free without registration. Without a player account, you can get started directly, play with the missions, try out various options by changing the paylines and also try the gambling. Cost all functions of the slot machine and become the king/queen of the sea!

Play for real money in the online casino

It is understandable that at some point you would like to live out the attraction of playing for real money. There is nothing wrong with this, because there is a large number of reputable real money casinosin which you can pursue this. We'll show you one List of the best online casinoswho not only allow them to play for real money, but also one offer great casino bonus without deposit!

Such a bonus allows you to carry out the first real money game without making a deposit yourself. Online casinos often also offer other bonuses for members. If you should register as a new customer in an online casino, a welcome bonus is usually always available. Different surprises can hide behind this. You could receive a bonus payment on your first deposit, start credit or a number of free spins, with which you can then start your casino experience directly.

However, we would like to point out that you should always look at the conditions that go hand in hand with it before using a bonus. One or the other bonus can be obtained, for example, if certain requirements such as a minimum deposit are met. In addition, most of the conditions say that you have to implement a bonus amount many times before you are qualified for a payment of the bonus. Pay attention to the small print to avoid later anger.

Now we wish you great entertainment in the world of slot machines and hope that luck will be on your side!