Where can I play Dawn of the Bread scratched out?

You will find hair, stones, insects and other ingredients in the online scratched hair, stones, insects and other ingredients that have not got into the breads, but through unprofessional bakers. You can play scratch -up for free, simply for pleasure, or with real money!

What Drawn of the Bread is about

Dawn of the Bread is a virtual scratch card on which users can play between fifty cents and ten euros. But you also have the option of testing this scratched rose free of charge.

The goal of the game is to find three identical symbols on a map that consists of nine areas. You can be in any place.

The payment amount is calculated by calculating the use with the multiplier that is assigned to the symbols that have formed the winning combination. There are the following multipliers:

  • x 10.000 (Auge)
  • x 2.500 (Herz)
  • x 100 (lower jaw)
  • x 10 (Ratte)
  • x 5 (Larve)
  • X 2 (Kakelaki)

It is possible to remove the protective cover with the mouse individually from the card or with the help of a special button on the control panel "Uncover everything".


There is an oven in the middle of the Dawn of the Bread screen where there is nine bread. You play the role of protective covers. The zombie remains on the right. He kneads dough. The payment table is located on the left. This is exactly the case if you play scratch -up.

The following buttons and windows can be seen on the control panel at the bottom, even if you have chosen free scratchless without a deposit before playing real money:

  • The use is used to select the betting size (with free scratchlessly it is play coins)
  • New Card / Reveal All are used to buy a new card and scratch a protective cover
  • Win shows the payout amount

This type of humor is not suitable for all casino customers. Well, the selection of games of microgaming offers models for those who like pink rabbits and delicate daisy. And if you like the jokes that go too far, you can laugh about the zombie chef who bakes bread with unusual fillings.
No special knowledge or skills are necessary to play Dawn of the Bread. Simply select the card value and scratch the protective cover.