Coin of Apollo -a contemporary casino trip

Novoline has taken a son Zeus as a model for an appealing gameplay and at least visually sends the player back into ancient times. With Coin of Apollo, the player looks at a past era, but luckily that only refers to the game. 5 rollers and with the Extra Bet option 25 paylines are the modern features of the Coin of Apollo slots. If you as a player looking for divine wealth and treasures in the form of coins, you are exactly right with this game and can play Coin of Apollo for free on our website to experience the whole person.

The online casino game is a real highlight in the long series of really demanding games. Novoline has created a real recommendation here. Whether newcomers or professionals, every player quickly finds the right shoot. The many profit options complete a great overall package. Visually and sound technology, Coin of Apollo online convinces at all levels and offers players long -term fun of entertainment. And of course the casino game also scores with the extra bet function and the lucrative free play rounds. These are special features that all supporters of the Novoline entertainment appreciate.

All features and facts about Coin of Apollo:

  • 5 rollers and up to 25 paylines
  • Free spins / free spins
  • Wild symbol and scatter symbol
  • Bonussymbole
  • Extra Bet Modus
  • The use can be selected per payline
  • Autoplay

The main signs and symbols of Coin of Apollo

With these subsequent symbols you are with a little luck on the winning side and the God Apollo will thank you with coins. Here it is advisable to play Coin of Apollo for free and to want to gain the necessary experience. Later in real money mode, these symbols will make your player heart beat faster. Of course, an idea of a five-time appearance on all paylines is the fulfillment of all profit combinations and the credit barometer will then no longer know. Coin of Apollo surprises the players with another special feature. The profit can be released from a two -time appearance of a symbol that is not shown by a card sign. The correct position of the reels and the symbols is worthwhile, for example, on a small scale. A recommendation for newcomers: You should play Coin of Apollo for free and explore the winning combinations without risk.

  • Apollo
  • Olympus
  • The golden sheet
  • The Harp
  • The card symbols between 10 and the ASS

A scatter appears as a scatter symbol. With this, the player has the chance of a special bonus. If three or preferably, even more scrolls appear, then ten free spins are released. A worthwhile action, which of course can have further profits and lets the winning barometer grow again. The lot of the lucky knight and a deserved success.

And then there is also the popular wild symbol at Coin of Apollo from Novoline. The golden coin of the Apollo. The ultimate symbol of power and wealth at Coin of Apollo Online is also the scroll that can replace all symbols except the golden coin. The golden coin of the Apollo appears exclusively in the so -called extra bet mode and replaces the silver coin. The rollers 2 and 4 are crucial here, where it is filled up and with the right shoot and a little luck, a five -time line can be reached quickly.

Exercise makes the master - tips & tricks for a successful appearance at Olympus at Coin of Apollo

Tip number one reads: You should play Coin of Apollo for free without registration. Whether newcomers or professionals, every player can test the gameplay in peace. Which rules apply and which strategy promises success? Coin of Apollo is a demanding casino game that quickly inspires the players. Try it out. Here you can play Coin of Apollo for free and develop the perfect hand for the game. It is a popular trick among professional players and a well -known strategy for success. This is how winners are shaped because exercise ultimately makes a real master. Would you like to play Coin of Apollo?

The Gamble Feature - do you love the risk of playing?

Follow our tip by playing Coin of Apollo for free without registration, because the first steps are slowly starting. That certain extra and the little thrill for in between: This is how the followers of Novoline like to refer to the Gamble Featature.

Red or black? It can be so easy to double the profit made. All or nothing? As a player, you always have a choice. At Coin of Apollo Online, the Gamble Feature is an additional option that guarantees a portion of thrills. With a correct decision from 150 points, make 300 points. Correctly decided? Then you can double the 300 to 600. And so on. Ultimately, only two factors at Coin of Apollo online stop their personal lucky series. They say stop and take on the points. Or happiness is not at your side and the entire profit goes into the virtual nirvana of the point sky. But that's not bad, because the next successful winning combination is the question: red or black? The Coin of Apollo Slot offers a lot of such opportunities.

Enough coin of Apollo practiced for free?

On our side you can Casino games for free without registration Benefits and get to know the diverse bonus options is the perfect casino. Free and without registration in USA Letting the rollers turn it is possible on our side. And with Coin of Apollo you will also find the perfect slot machine game. A virtual slot machine that will demand and maintain you online. Are you still unsure? Then you should play a round of coin of Apollo for free.

The next step - use the bonus offers for slot machines

Play Coin of Apollo and activate real money mode: This is how the premier class of the Casino Gaming looks like. Every player wants and should go there, because with a pinch of luck the lucrative profits are waiting. The casino world provides many options in advance. Use the Casino bonus without deposit! Registration bonus, free games and other actions, all so that your introduction to the professional casino area is as pleasant as possible. Coin of Apollo makes it easier for you. Whether you will appear as a newcomer or professional player, the gameplay is quickly internalized and the skillful hand in extra bet mode can, with a little luck, provide cash. Red or black? What color do you prefer? You will definitely have enough training session by completing Coin of Apollo for free and developing into a real professional. A real hit is of course also available in American with the instructions and is suitable for all moments of an enjoyable game.