Overview and features of the Slot Cinderella

The game developer Novoline takes the user with the Cindereeela Slot on a trip to the fairytale world of evil stepmother and lost shoes. They are accompanied by friendly animals who breathe their very own charm into the slot machine game with their cute appearance. With us you can play Cindereeela for free and try all the functions. It is worth it, because this slot machine comes with a good presentation and all the features that the heart desires. With us you will learn how you can play Cindereeela online for free and without registration and what you need to know in order not to fall victim to any evil stepmother.


You will see immediately with what dedication Novoline devoted to the development of Cindereeela. Because what came out in the end will also inspire you when you play Cindereeela for free. The game includes everything you would like in a dreamy fairytale world and is particularly a must for casino fans who stand on fairy tales. After all, huge white locks, wide landscapes and juicy forests await you here. Just those through and through the fantastic world of the Cinderella - or here Cindereeela. As much as the background invites you to dream, it does not have a distracting effect, so that you can focus on the game when you play Cindereeela for free. The shallow pink color of the rollers does not appear intrusive even if the game session extends something. Together with the good representation of the symbols, there is a well thought out and pleasant visual picture in all matters.


Here you will find the symbols that you immediately captivate the fairy tale as soon as you play Cindereeela. They are drawn with attention to detail and give you the feeling of being in a fairy tale, although the profits you can achieve with the Cindereeela Slot are quite real. There are different main signs in the game that can offer reason to joy if they appear in sufficient numbers. You can see this ascending here in your value:

  • 9, 10
  • J, Q
  • K, A
  • Pumpkin and red shoes
  • Dog and mice
  • Prinz

For all main signs at Cindereeela, they have to appear on a payline at least three times to release profits. An exception here is the prince, who, as the most valuable main sign, means a profit in two lined up illustrations.

There are also special characters that offer more functions. If the wild symbol and the scatter symbol appear, fairytale profits are inevitable. The wild symbol is personally embodied by Cindereeela, which comes with black hair. She is able to stand on the rollers for all other characters and replace them in order to re -establish profit combinations.

And you will not miss a scatter symbol while playing Cindereeela for free without registration. This appears here, in the style of a fairy tale, in the form of a good fairy that will meet your dreams. She will also make her desire for free play. If it appears at least three times, so that there are up to 30 free spins in which other free spins can be unlocked. Known with the fairy is a reason to be happy if you play Cindereeela for free.

Gamble Feature

As a user, this online game gives you the opportunity to continue the thrill and the profits by making use of the Gamble Feature, where you can use which playing card color is uncovered. This is always possible if a profit has been won in one rotation. If you have the right nose and keep right, your profit will be doubled. Then you can decide whether you want to continue your luck and try again to double the profit again. However, if you are next to it, you lose your profit.

How to play Cindereeela Online

Even if you play Cindereeela online for the first time as a novice, you will have internalized the rules quickly. Many of them do not exist, which the game also for newcomers of the Online casinos makes very suitable. Cindereeela is played with five reels, on which there are three symbols. Ten paylines that run differently above the rollers extend over the rollers. The aim is to top up as many same symbols as possible on these paylines to form profit combinations that rinse profits in their pocket.

How many paylines you want to play Cindereeela is entirely at your discretion. So you can try your luck with at least one and at most ten paylines. The more lines you include, the higher the chance to make profits. You should take this into account when choosing your strategy.


The operations are provided for each payline. So the more paylines you use, the higher the amount to be used. The minimum insert per line is one and at most 50 credits can be thrown into the balance.

tips and tricks

In any case, you should first familiarize yourself with the game principle and the functions before playing Cindereeela online with insights too high. Novoline has done everything possible to make it getting used to them as quickly and easily as possible when they play Cindereeela for free for the first time.

You can also use the autoplay function here that will simplify your life while playing so that you can enjoy an even more relaxed gaming experience by performing the spins one after the other.

Play Cinderella for free without registration

You can test it completely free of charge with us through and through successful slot machines and decide whether the fairytale world meets your ideas. With us you can do more Play casino games for free without registration And get your own picture.

Cinderella play for real money

You can also play Cindereeela in the online casinos available in USA for real money, which ensures an even bigger thrill. It is worthwhile to look for providers who have a reasonable bonus for you when registering. Here you can get one, for example Casino bonus without depositto get started right away.