Help the brave Zenturio to defend your home and get the reward for it!

It is the dark time for the Roman Empire. The barbarian hordes absolutely want to conquer this country. The campaign -proven Zenturio leads its army into a battle that can become the milestone of this struggle. The slot is nicely designed. The pictures of Zenturio, the Senator, Pantheon and Roman attributes look fantastic with the background of the game. The game also has a great soundtrack. It is very captivating and can bring entertainment and fun for those who choose to play it!

How can you win at Centurio?

The paylines in Centurio are set so that they can only change the value of the filled coins. You cannot change what you set per line, but only how much the entire rotation is worth to you. The bets can be between 0.05 and 10 loans. This is the standard competition. If you are more of a high scooter, you will probably want to use a little more, but if you are a player who likes to stick to his budget, then she will certainly address the competition in Centurio.

If you are someone who is risky, then you will definitely address Centurio's gambling functions. If you make a win, you have the choice between two different games of chance to set your winnings - which is very typical at Merkur. One includes cards and one contains ladders. Both give them the chance to set their profits again and enlarge them.

The card game has more to do with luck, while the ladder game demands its skill. The good thing is that it is not “double or nothing” and that you can only set half of your commitment. Even if you lose, keep some of your hard -earned profits. Both most online slot machines You have to risk your entire profit, so it is nice to see that Mercury has implemented a certain variety here.

Most important rules of the game at a glance

The game comes with a payout rate of around 96.08%, which means that you will not stay in the red area for too long if you choose Centurio. The game adheres to the topic with many Roman symbols that can be found here.

The symbol that you have to look for is the temple. When you see five temples, you get a real gift from the gods in the form of 10,000 coins. The soldiers are the scatter symbols and the “game” is the philosopher. His wisdom allows him to replace one of the regular symbols to create a payline.

Furthermore, there are not many special features that can be found here. There are no tempting free spins or Centurio bonus. The game is therefore played a little differently than other slot machines. In other games you can just continue to turn. In Centurio, the game of chance tends to interrupt their flow of the game, especially when every profit becomes significant.