Rubbellose info

  • Software: Microgaming
  • Roll: N/A
  • Paylines: N/A
  • Coin area: 0.5 – 10

Each card has 2 games. You just have to make a bet to take part in both.

Microgaming is trying to offer its loyal players new and exciting games, and it has decided to stay with the classics. Some players just like it, and it can hardly be easier than with the online scratched bowled over. Test the scratch-free free in demo mode. In addition, you can first try out free scratchless without a deposit in the online casino.

This immediate competition also has the advantage that you can determine how much money you want to risk and how much is to be won. You can play for only 0.50 loans per game, or if you want to win big, you can use up to 10 loans per card. Of course, you cannot have the profits of free scratchless. So we recommend testing scratch -ups for free and then in a reputable online casino to scratch real money.

So Bowled Over is played by Microgaming

Kricket is the name of the game in Bowled Over, and this scratch card is divided into two separate cricket games. The game on the left side of the ticket gives you six cricket balls to scratch. Under every cricket ball there is one of 12 different cricket players with unique identities and values. All you have to do is to meet three same cricket players to win a price that corresponds to its value. You can win your missions in this game up to 10,000 times, while other prices range from a 1 x multiplier to a 5,000 x multiplier.

The game on the right side of the ticket is called Hit The Wicket. You have to throw your cricket ball into the wicket to win. If you make it, win a price that is revealed by scratching the box at the end of the game. The prices in this game range from a 0.20 x multiplier to a 100 x multiplier.


You are free to scratch the game in any order and you can play any game in front of the other. If you feel lazy, you have the possibility that the computer will do the whole thing for you by clicking on the "Clicking everyone. Don't forget to test free scraps for free!