Overview of the slot machine Book of Ra 10 Deluxe

An absolute cult game in the area of slot machines is Book of Ra. The slot can be referred to as the mother of the online slots and is also one of the most popular games in the Americans in the online casino. The classic took its long success in the 1980s, at that time, of course, still in the land -based casinos. Until Novoline made the game in digital form in the area of Igaming, however, it should take until 2005.

The legendary slot machine has been copied countless times by other game manufacturers and justified the wave of the slots, the Egypt, treasure hunts and magical books or other artifacts on the subject.

The series itself has also produced numerous sequels and extensions at Novoline. Therefore we can also use it today Book of Ra 10 Deluxe Slot delight. The slot machine once again lifts the classic to a completely new level, but more on that later. An impatient contemporaries are already assured at this point that they can also play Book of Ra Deluxe 10 for free and try it out themselves in peace.

This is worth it in any case, because here the players can expect a completely different kind of playing field than you have so far from the most online slot machines is used.

Das theme at Book of RA 10 Deluxe

As already mentioned, the Book of Ra Deluxe 10 slot in ancient Egyptian burial chambers is on treasure hunt. In the background, the famous pyramids can be recognized and the main character, which at the same time represents a high value symbol in the game, is an adventurer who is strongly reminiscent of the Indiana Jones embodied by Harrison Ford with hat and a winning smile. The entire design reflects this topic and even the mandatory card symbols have been adjusted so that they are a little reminiscent of hieroglyphs.

The topic symbols in particular ensure the right flair, which is also supported by mysterious and tension -producing music. Unfortunately, the other sounds that the slot gives during operation are the typical ones that are from the Novoline Series is used. Unfortunately, these quarking noises do not fit into the atmosphere of the game.

But of course the functions of the slot are more important. So let's see which rules have to be considered when you play Book of Ra Deluxe 10.


The Book of Ra Deluxe 10 Online Slot surprises with an unusual structure. There are two playing fields here. The first grid shows a rather typical structure with five reels and four rows. On the right next to it, another grid is arranged, which also has five reels but has an impressive twelve rows. It is best to play a few rounds at Book of Ra 10 Deluxe for free to get an idea of this game structure.

In any case, the two fields are all moved in motion for a spin and all rows are evaluated for the winning combinations. There are a total of 100 fixed paylines in this game. Due to these many options for profit combinations, it is not surprising that the volatility of the slot is rather low, which often leads to smaller profit payments.

In this online slot, of course, the control panels contain the start button with which the rotations are triggered, the autoplay button, with which automatic rotations are started until the player stops the function and a field in which the operations can be selected . Here the use can be set with a and minus button or you can call up the overview in which all 22 operations levels can be seen at a glance and can be selected.

In the version we tested, the missions in grades from six to 10,000 units are sufficient. A casino has the opportunity to implement its own missions. Since the Novoline titles in USA cannot currently be played for real money, we have no example of real inserts in euros. The Novomatic company, which publishes this game series, has completely withdrawn from the local Igaming market until further notice. Fortunately, however, you can continue to play Book of Ra 10 free of charge.

The symbols in the Book of Ra 10 Deluxe online

At Book of Ra 10 Deluxe from Novoline, the main signs show symbols that fit particularly well with the topic and at the same time are responsible for the highest profits outside of the special functions. We see on the reels:

  • the adventurer
  • The pharaoh's sarcophagus
  • The winged ISIS
  • a skarabeus

In addition, the card symbols typical of online slots occur on the reels that range from map 10 to ASS. The main symbols ensure profits from two characters, the card symbols need three characters on a payline.

But of course the signs with special skills always ensure that something special and very special excitement. We speak of the special symbols that can multiply profits and trigger free spins. The game classic from the 80s has become so famous and popular because of these special functions. Let's take a look at what it looks like in the new version.

The wild symbol

The wild symbol is shown at Book of Ra 10 Deluxe by a shiny coin on which a cat head can be seen. It is likely to be a representation of the Egyptian cat Gods, which of her sign as the daughter of the sun god raised a lot of veneration.

The coin is able to replace all other characters in the game. In this way, the coin can complete profit combinations. The Book of Ra, the magical book that acts as a scattermark, is excluded. If you also get four coins on one of the rollers of the 5 × 4 field from top to bottom, this is transferred to the corresponding roller of the 5 × 12 field, on which the roller is then completely filled with 12 coins.

The scatter symbol

The famous book of the RA is the scatter symbol. It triggers free spins. This is the function that every player is waiting for. As soon as the symbol can be seen three times after a spin on the screen, there are the longed -for free spins. Depending on how many of the magical books appear, the number of free spins increases and there is of course a payment. This works according to the following scheme:

  • Three books: eight free spins and two -time payouts
  • Four books: twelve free spins and five times the payment
  • Five books: 20 free spins and 20 times the payout

The free spins with special function at Book of Ra 10 Online

Even if you play Book of Ra 10 Deluxe for free without registration, you have the opportunity to get to know the free play rounds. If the magical book has now triggered the free playing round, the most famous function comes to the play that already had the original game. The book opens, the pages are leafed through as if by ghost hand and a random special symbol is selected under all signs of the slot for the free play round. This then applies during all of the eight to twenty free spins and works in the following way:

The selected symbol becomes a stacked special symbol. This means that it pays out the number of appearances necessary for profits, but does not depend on paylines, but counts in every position. If this happens on the 5 × 4 field, the stack function is triggered and the entire roller then shows (as with game) this sign. As with the wild coin, the corresponding roller is filled in the 5 × 12 field. So it waves a rich profit.

How to win 10 Deluxe at Book of Ra

You don't have to use a great strategy if you play Book of Ra 10 Deluxe, because the machine is based on a random number generator like all slots and is therefore immune to all tricks. As the upper category of all casino games already makes clear in the name, you are very easy to deal with a game of chance at this machine. Therefore, do not look long for any tips that promise the guaranteed success, but simply try the game for free in the demo version without registration. Then you can see very quickly how everything works.

Conclusion: You should play Book of Ra 10 Deluxe for free without registration

Book of Ra is the undisputed king among the online slots. Thanks to its popularity, which goes back to the 80s and the good old arcades, the game has a lead through its history, which cannot really be obtained from any new game from another manufacturer.

Therefore, all of the now numerous successors of the original have their certain justification. The new system at Book of Ra Deluxe 10 is certainly to be brought a little pepp to the well -known game structure. Novoline has always been very gently and never dared to get away too much from the tried and tested game concept. So you can describe the step towards the two playing fields as quite brave when you consider that other versions have just come up with an additional payline.

The stack function, in which rollers are transmitted full of the same symbols between the two playing fields, is a good idea and actually ensures the desired variety in the well -known game principle. Admittedly, the sight with the endless rows takes some getting used to at first. Purists, of whom there are certainly many fans of the original, could be scared here. But the same way will greet many this welcome innovation.

Book of Ra Deluxe 10 FREE SPIES

Test online slots for free, is always a good idea. Especially when a slot machine comes with such a serious innovations, it is advisable to use the demo version in order to get to know the game principle very well. Especially if you have in mind to switch to the game for real missions later, you should first try out the selected slot without risk.

But many just enjoy the fun that you can have with a slot machine without money. If you belong to these people or if you just want to discover and get to know many exciting and interesting titles from different manufacturers, then you have the right place. On our website you can play many different slot machines for free without registration and find your favorites. You can play with us as long as you want without any costs and without hidden conditions.

Book of ra 10 Deluxe play with real money

Many players in USA will be disappointed that at the moment at Book of Ra Deluxe 10 online cannot be played for real money. Whether Novomatic will be back on the American online gambling market at some point is in the stars. As long as all players in the Federal Republic only have to switch to alternatives. Of course, you can also play Book of Ra 10 for free and simply enjoy the fun without real missions.

For many players, however, there is only a real thrill when it is really about something. Fortunately, the cult title of Novoline has inspired several other games, so that in almost every casino that offers online slot machines can find a selection of slots that are equipped with a similar topic and game principle. If there is a search function, you should try the keyword “Egypt”. You will surely find something suitable.

Nevertheless, there are some things you should know when you choose to play real missions. Of course, there can only be real profits in this kind that you can really take home in the end. However, registration in one of the numerous online game salons is also necessary. You should make a good and prudent selection to get into a serious gaming platform. Always pay attention to the following important points when you choose an online casino:

  • Existing trustworthy happiness
  • Good selection of serious payment methods
  • Transparent platform, data security takes seriously
  • A good customer service available around the clock
  • An appealing game selection from trustworthy manufacturers
  • A worthwhile and varied bonus offer

It is also advisable to read some test reports on the respective platform before the final decision. And as a rule, you can see most of the areas of an online casino before registering.

Since the competition is high among the casinos, you will receive a bonus for a new registration on most platforms. These welcome bonuses usually grant you bonus payments on your first deposits in the platform, sometimes there are also some free spins for a specific slot. You should especially be on so -called No Deposit bonus offers respect, think highly of. Here you can actually receive credit or free spins without a deposit as a bonus. For you, this means a free game where you can actually win real money. However, always pay close attention to the bonus conditions it contains.