Book of Madness slot machine from Gamomat: Welcome to the scary hospital

Gamomats Book of Madness is certainly one of the slots that are more of a matter of taste. In any case, the bloody scary topic is probably not for everyone. Especially at certain events, such as Halloween, slots like Book of Madness understandably enjoy great popularity. If you get the look into the following functions, you can certainly get something off the game apart from Halloween:

  • Classic bonus game with expanding bonus symbol.
  • Risk games for particularly risky players.
  • Free demo version: Play Book of Madness for free
  • Creepy, unusual, but quite funny topic.

Short information for the Book of Madness slot machine

Slot-Name Book of Madness
Provider Gamomat
Layout 5×3
Paylines 10
The bonus function Bonus game with free revolutions and expanding bonus symbol. Two risk games.
RTP 96.15 percent
Jackpot no
Car function and
Mobile playable online and
Free demo version Yes, Book of Madness Free Playing

It is bloody: the symbols and rules of Book of Madness Online

We are thematically at the Book of Madness slot machine game in a very questionable hospital. Bloody beds, a little trusting nurse and some other things give some doubts as to whether you are in good hands here as a patient. The no less bloody medical record, referred to in the game as Book of Madness, then also forms the center of the game as the main sign. The medical record combines the well -known wild symbols and scatter symbols in one sign. It can therefore replace all other symbols of the game to form profit combinations and activate the Book of Madness bonus game.

We have already met most of the other symbols at the beginning. But not everyone yet. In any case, the scary cabinet of roller motifs is not yet complete. All in all, there are five premium symbols on the roles in addition to the book and the card game symbols. The value is sorted:

  • nurse
  • Hungry werewolf
  • Bedside
  • Blood
  • Injection
  • Card game symbols (Ass, König, Dame and Bube/Joker)

While the symbols themselves almost trigger discomfort, at least the general slot layout ensures a little relaxation. In any case, the Gamomat developers at Book of Madness opted for the less crazy standard layout with five reels and three rows. The blood -blurred symbols can form over all rollers distributed on either five or ten lines of use. Depending on the symbol, at least two to three equal symbols are necessary. These must be on a paying line from left to right, which in turn must not be interrupted by other symbols. Depending on the use and the number of symbols involved in the profit, the profits then result. More detailed information about the payout values can be found in the game information. The values specified here adapt dynamically to the inserted use.

Operation of Book of Madness: learned quickly and easily

Gamomat slot machines are certainly among the slots, which are also suitable for inexperienced players due to their simple structure. The few controls are almost self -explanatory and also clearly arranged. The large rotary button starts manual rounds. The autoplay button is located right next to the spin button, using which you can also activate the automatic rotations if necessary. With the latest version of Book of Madness, the player can define any values, conditions and limits that lead to the stop of the car pins before the start of the carpins.

Also in the lower area of the control panel there are also the corresponding buttons for setting the betting operation. There is also a controller here that is responsible for setting the number of paylines. Here the player can choose between five lines and ten lines. The overall assignment results from the use itself and the number of lines. The possible maximum and minimum inserts depend on respective online casino.

With the main menu there is another important control panel. This is opened via the typical menu symbol in the upper area of the game. In addition to some settings, you can also view the rules and above all the information board with the game information and the profit and payment table. Basically, both beginners and experienced players should always play a few round book of Madness for free, despite catchy operation.

Main functions of Book of Madness Online: Risk and free spins

Modern slot machines understandably have to offer a little more today than a few rotating rollers. Book of Madness has several functions that provide fun and excitement. This also includes the following, purely optional risk games. Risk games are intended to ensure that players can play again for their profit. However, Book of Madness only offers the risk games after manually started rounds. The games in detail:

  • Card risk: that probably the most common and simplest risk game. The player only has to predict the correct card color. It is therefore a 50:50 game and there are no tricks here. Before that, the amount of the risk use can be determined. So this game is not necessarily about the complete profit.
  • Earnity manager: It is similar to the winning manager. Under certain conditions, the player can only bring in part of his profit here to avoid total loss. Now it is important to climb the head. As fast as the ladder goes up, it can also go down.

Bonus game from Book of Madness: free spins with a special symbol

Of course, the bonus that the Book of Madness slot machine has ready is even more exciting than the risk games. Especially if you im Online casino plays for real money. This can be activated with three scatter symbols. As soon as three, four or even five scatter can be seen on the rollers, the bonus starts and the player gets ten free spins. Before the Free Spins can start and you can play a few rounds of Book of Madness for free, the slot is randomly evident from the Book of Madness. It can be every symbol with a fixed payout value. This is considered a bonus symbol during the free spins and extends on the complete roller, provided that it appears in a sufficient number on the rolls for a profit. Ideally, the symbol on every roller shows and thus fills the complete field, which of course can be remarkable.

Conclusion and demo version: Play Book of Madness for free without registration

Especially Horrorfans should make gamomat happy with Book of Madness. In any case, the topic is extremely bloody and creepy. However, if you can't get anything out of the topic, you can at least look forward to great bonus functions. In any case, these make the slot machines very worth playing. If you want to convince yourself of this, you can do the same on our pages Start the demo version and play the slot machine free of charge and without registration.

Book of Madness: Playing real money

The topic of playing the Book of Madness free of charge alone causes excitement. The real thrill is probably only guaranteed when playing for real money. If you want to dare, you should also have one Casino bonus without deposit consider that many casinos are particularly available for new customers. In any case, the additional credit available in this way or the free spins without a deposit can often have a good start -up help.