Book Of Dead

The gambling universe has completed some milestones in its long history. This certainly included the opening of the first online casino in the 1990s, the first Live dealer offers in the 2000s as well as numerous new signs of slot machines. A handful of slot machines has managed to establish itself as an absolute favorite games over the years. We would like to name the slot that is considered one of the classics of our time: The Book of Dead.

This slot machine, which comes from Play’n Go, has been one of the most played machines on the entire market for years. Although the game idea is not necessarily more unusual than that of many others, and although many other features are not unique selling points, this could assert himself a slot machine called "The Book of Dead". But why is that? What is it, what the gamblers in this online game appreciate? We put the slot to the test and want to evaluate exactly why you should still play and try it for free today.

Introduction and game overview

During the game The Book of Dead Online you are in traces of the legendary Jack Wilde and follow him in this exciting chapter to ancient Egypt. Ancient gods, dangerous beings and mystical objects ensure that they can lift the valuable treasures of the old pharaohs and solve long -forgotten secrets. The very big adventurers ultimately win a large price as soon as the Book of Dead (Book of Death) is found, which ultimately gives the slot machine its name.

Fantasy friends and lovers of ancient mythologies will get their money's worth in this game. Old Egyptian gods such as the sun god RA or Osiris await you and guide you through the game. The graphic presentation is unique and can easily keep up with the current newcomers, although this slot already has a few years on their belt. However, this does not have to mean that, considering many animations, you can completely lose track. Play’n Go managed to create a perfect mix between tension and history, game and narrative as well as thrills and winning opportunities at Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead.

This is how it is played ...

First of all, the normal course of the game is very simple, so after a few rounds in which you should play Book of Dead for free, you immediately know what you are about. The game is played on 5 reels, each equipped with 3 rows. The Egyptian playing field only contributes to the pleasant atmosphere.

The 10 issued and fixed paylines do not set any new standards, but the player keeps a good overview and knows immediately about the outcome of the respective round as soon as the rollers stop turning. The following table provides a more detailed overview of the details of the slot, which we explain in more detail in the part "Book of Dead - Special features".

Construction 5 winning rollers of 3 rows
Paylines 10
Minimum use 0,10 Euro
Maximum stone sentence 100 Euro
Payout rate (RTP) 96,20%
Wild symbols and
Scatter Symbole and
Free spins and
Bonus games no
Progressive jackpot no

In order to start the game, the player is encouraged to make his missions and set the number of paylines (if this is not required by the game). The following applies:

  • The higher the use, the higher the profits. However, it should of course not be forgotten at this point that higher operations can also mean higher losses if no profit combinations are formed.
  • The higher the number of paylines, the higher the likelihood of forming a combination of profits. However, you must not forget that you make a corresponding mission per payline. The higher the number of paylines, the higher the use per round.

If the player has set his commitment and the number of paylines, the game can begin. This is either reached by the "start" button, or with the help of the autoplay feature. The Autoplay feature saves the somewhat lazy player the actuation of the "start" button and starts a new round as soon as the old one has ended without the player's action necessary. This is particularly suitable for players who want to achieve as many sales as possible in a short time.

This is how it is won ...

Winning is easy with Book of Dead from Play’n Go. To do this, the player only has to combine two same symbols on one of the ten paylines. But be careful: this only applies as long as the identical symbols at the first winning roller are arranged from left to right. For example, if the player has two same symbols on the two right rollers, he wins nothing.

The amount of the profits at Book of Dead depends on the value of the symbols. If the player meets a winning combination with high -quality symbols, his profits are of course significantly higher.

  • Symbols with low value - as with almost all other games of chance and slot machines in the world, there are also the game Book of Dead symbols that only bring in the player a few pennies. This includes the symbols that we know from normal card games. This includes 10, Bube (j), lady (Q), king (k) and ass (a).
  • Symbols with moderate value - now it is getting more exciting, because the following symbols can generate appealing profits of up to 750x of the use. The symbols of the two Egyptian deities Anubis and Osiris fall into this category.
  • Symbols with high value-now the mail is off, because with these symbols you can win this up to 5000 times your original use. These include the golden symbol of the pharaoh (maximum multiplication X2000) and Jack Wilde personally. The most important symbol of the game, the book of death falls below this category. However, this also has other skills to beautify the course of the game.

Special features in the course of the game

For now, we would like to talk to the terms that we had already mentioned above in our table in order to give you a first overview of the game. However, since at that point, terms have been fallen with which you cannot do anything, we explain them briefly below:

  • Payout rate - nowadays a payout rate or a so -called RTP (return to player) is assigned to each slot machine. This is calculated from the player's theoretical opportunities to win at the respective machine. However, there is a fallacy with many players. A payout rate of 96% does not mean that with a probability of 96% you go home with more money than at the beginning of the game. No, rather that means that after an infinite number of attempts, 96% of your missions will still be available. The higher this value, the more advantageous the game is of course for the player.
  • Wild symbol - The wild symbol is the symbols that replace other symbols and thus contribute to a combination of profits. In the Book of Dead game, it is, how should it be otherwise, the book of death. If you like, you could also call the wild symbol as a joker.
  • Scatter symbol - the scatter symbol is certainly our favorite sign, especially for the generation of Bonus Runds or Free responsible for. This is also the case here, and for this, too, the book of death is the symbol that you should look for. You can find out exactly what happens at this point.

Now that we have explained all the terms, it goes down. Because now you will finally find out what surprises the Egyptian slot has ready for you and what secrets are waiting for you in the graves of the pharaohs.

  • Free spokes-as soon as the player finds at least three scatter symbols on the field, the free play feature is activated. It is not even crucial that the scatter symbols, or the book of death are on a payline. If three books appear, they receive 10 free spins in which they will play with the assignment they had made in exactly this round. The best thing about it is: During these 10 free spins, another 10 free spins can be created.
  • Bonus feature - there are further surprises during the free spins. Because at the Book of Dead slot machine, the player now has access to another bonus, which calls itself "Expanding Symbol". So before you play Book of Dead for free during your free spins, a random symbol is selected. Afterwards, each of these symbols will spread on the field in order to enable them to give them higher profit combinations. Of course, the joy is great as soon as Jack Wilde personally appears as a special symbol of this bonus feature, because now the chance is great to land the 5000-fold multiplier and thus the jackpot.

Final view

Book of Dead is truly one of the great classics of our time and by far the most popular slot machine game by the software provider Play’n Go. For many players, the slot has already achieved cult status, which is not least due to its unique winning opportunities. After all, there are not really many slot machines that promise their players a multiplier of 5000.

However, we would like to mention that Book of Dead is a high -volatility slot machine, and therefore a large number of high profits are not really part of the agenda. At this point, high volatility means the possibility of very high, but not regularly winning. That is why Book of Dead is not a slot for the absolute beginner in our eyes. However, if you want to sit down on these machines as soon as possible, we now have a few tips and tricks on offer that should make it easier to get started and increase the chances of winning.

Play Book of Dead for free

Like many other slot machines, Book of Dead can also be played free of charge from Play’n Go. However, this should not necessarily be done for entertainment reasons. We recommend every player who is considering Book of Dead Online to play real money, perceive this opportunity. Because many players who this Play the slot machine for free and try it out without registration, have statistically more success. This applies in particular to habitual players and people who try out many different slots. The reason for this is that all rules and special features of the respective game are internalized and errors in real money mode are excluded.

By the way, if you are just as convinced of it as we are, you should take a look at the game offer on our site immediately. In addition to this game, there are many other classics of the gaming scene at your disposal, which you can try out free of charge and without any liabilities.

Play Book of Dead with small missions

If you follow our first tip, you could see this advice as the next stage. After all, you should have already internalized all the rules if you play Book of Dead for free and therefore try it out for free.

But we also recommend experienced players to specialize in small stakes at this machine. The reason for this is simple because we have already mentioned the high volatility of the slot: the more rounds you play, the higher the likelihood of at some point to enjoy the frightened free spins. And if you should have taken one out of this article, then these rule of thumb: During the free spins, statistically, the greatest profits are created by far.

So why shouldn't you wait until it finally says: Free spins available.

Book of Dead play for real money

Play Book of Dead for free, without registration, this is definitely a nice construct. But at some point, and every gambling will probably match us, then it should finally go to the business. Although this does not necessarily have to be done with excessively large inserts, small sums also promise the certain kick and thrill.

Registration in one of the numerous online casinos is of course essential for this. But which casino should the player choose at this point? How can he know which Online casinos are considered the leader and absolutely serious institutions? Well, we also have the right answers for you. Because on our website you will not only find the right slot machine, but also the right online casino, which may be right now with one Casino bonus without deposit waiting for them.


How many paylines can the Slot Book of Dead play? Can the number of paylines change?

The slot Book Of Dead is very popular because of its simple structure. It is a slot machine with 5 reels and 10 paylines. Another of Book Of Dead is that the paylines can be set individually. The game is played with a minimum insert of 1 cent per payline. In real money mode, the use in 15 steps can be increased to one euro.