Bananas Go Bahamas Free Games from Novoline

Summer sun beach. Who has never dreamed of a vacation on the sunny Bahamas? Bananas Go Bahamas from Novoline takes on this wish and brings the player to the fruity atmosphere of the Caribbean sea at the slot machine. We looked at whether the virtual vacation in this playful world is good. In the following you read what functions the player offer, whether the game is worth and how you can play bananas go bahamas for free without registration.


The design of the machine game immediately takes you into a Caribbean ambience in which you can almost smell the sea air and the cocktails on the beach bar. A background of the clearest sea water awaits you here that invites you to immerse yourself. In the upper corner you can see - how could it be otherwise - a beach that is covered with palm trees. But now the most important thing: the slot itself. How to do that from many Playing Novoline You know, you can also find the symbols of a large street in a card game (10, J, Q, K, A) again if you want to play bananas go Bahamas for free or want to challenge your luck with real money. However, there are also the 9. The other symbols are presented by fruity vacation lovers. There is a bongo-playing coconut, a snorkeling orange, a lifeguard ananas, a water skiing strawberry, a relaxing melon and a happy banana. There is also a brown travel case that you can meet at Bananas Go Bahamas. The design is clear and comfortable to look at. Everything is sunny, colorful and happy, but without ever appearing intrusive.


The soundscape corresponds to that of a typical slot machine. Actually, you mainly hear the classic undulating a slot machine when you turn the rollers. This is already known from Novoline and ensures a suitable arcade atmosphere. But if you get too much, you can simply switch off the sound. So you can play for free without this bananas go Bahamas.


Novoline was typical here with the possibility of making settings. Only the sound or the music can be displayed or exhibited and the game is placed in full screen mode.

This is how it is played

The rules of Bananas Go Bahamas can be internalized quickly because they are similar to those of other common slots. In front of him the player sees 5 rollers with 3 rows each. There are various paylines on these, on which players can achieve profit combination by the correct arrangement of symbols while playing bananas go Bahamas for free. The number of paylines from 1 to 9 can be adjusted. The more profit lines of the players at Bananas Go Bahamas online, the higher round use you determine because you pay for every payline.

Main signs

The main signs at Bananas Go Bahamas are the following signs:

  • Card symbols (9, 10, J, Q, K, A)
  • The coconut
  • die Orange
  • the pineapple
  • the strawberry
  • the melon

If these symbols appear on a payline, waving the player waving profits when he plays bananas go Bahamas online. The 9 brings the least and the strawberry the most.

Wild Symbol

The more interesting symbols for the player at Bananas Go Bahamas are of course the special symbols. The banana acts here as a wild symbol that can replace all other symbols and thus complete or expand a combination of profits. However, the case is an exception here as a scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol of the Bananas Go Bahamas slots is the brown travel case. This can already make profits in itself. But if you play Bananas Go Bahamas and lucky with them, you can unlock the free spins by seeing the suitcase in front of you at least three times. During the free spins it is even possible to get more free spins.


As already mentioned, the assignment per lap depends on how many paylines you play Bananas Go Bahamas for free or with Real money the machine enjoy because the assignment is paid per payline. So if you play with the smallest use, but with all 9 paylines, the application is 9. The maximum stone set per line amounts to 200.


The banana as a wild symbol throws the highest profits. Reach 5 of them in a row you will receive 9,000 times your commitment. So it is definitely worth getting to know the banana if you play bananas go Bahamas for free. The 9 offers the lowest profit with a multiplier of 100 at 5 copies.

tips and tricks

Do not go too premature and first play with a more reserved strategy so as not to take unnecessary risks. You can try Bananas Go Bahamas online very relaxed, free of charge and without registration and get an idea. Gradually, they can still increase the operations. So you have some of it for a long time and do not gamble all Bananas Go Bahamas credits before you even see the game through.

If the steady turning of the rollers by manually clicking at some point, the bananas go Bahamas slot offers the opportunity to activate the autoplay. The spins are then carried out automatically. However, they do not need to fear that they could avoid possible profits. If there is a profit in the house, the machine is stopped. After that, you can either turn it on manually or switch on the autoplay again.

Play Bananas Go Bahamas for free without registration

Has your interest aroused and you want to go on a trip to the fruity world of Bahamas yourself? Then it is high time to devote yourself to a free demo version of the game and play Bananas Go Bahamas online. You can do this with us Online casino games for free without registration and play.

Play Bananas Go Bahamas for real money

If you then got up and know how the rabbit (or the banana) runs, you can consider increasing the missions and playing real money in the American online casino bananas go Bahamas. To do this, you should note to choose a provider from USA who provides you with a good casino bonus at the start. Therefore you will find one here Casino bonus without deposit, so that you can start with real money and make the right profits with Bananas Go Bahama's.