Simply straight - Banana Splash from Novoline

Banana Splash is a straight conversation that is suitable for every player quickly and without much previous knowledge. Whether newcomers, beginners or full professional, everyone will find access to the game immediately. And when the funny animated rollers of the Slot machine Roll up, then the fun is guaranteed. So far, who has been able to observe a banana that keeps the money bags uphill. This is only possible with Novoline in the online casino. The comic optics make up a completely new feeling and many players love this implementation. Banana Splash maintains and conjures up a laugh on the lips during the rolling revolutions. You can play at any time at and Banana Splash free of charge without registration and simply have a delicacly entertaining, that is the modern form of casino entertainment.

Banana Splash is a classic machine game that is equipped with five reels and nine paylines. A wonderful South Sea beach is encouraged as a play area and the main actors are various fruits that already accept very human features in the event of a profit. The strawberry alone is worth an appearance that is still lucrative in many ways. Playing Banana Splash is a successful and profitable entertainment type that guarantees newcomers and professionals equally long-term fun. Here, every banana splash can play for free without registration, let the rollers rotate and collect the necessary experience.

Play Banana Splash - get to know the functions

If you play Banana Splash for free, take the first step. Here the players can rehearse the basis for a successful change to real money mode. Whether newcomers or professionals, the Paytable, translated into American, this means the payment table, should every player know and have read at least once before the game started. The different symbols and their values can be called up during the game. The Paytable button is located on the left, right next to the autoplay function. If you love the risk ranges, you will press the Gamble button after every successful roller rotation. The 50:50 chance can be called up right next to the start button. The perfect temptation in free mode, every player quickly develops the right hand for all or nothing.

The symbolism of Banana Splash from Novoline - cheeky fruits with humor

The following values are attributed to the cheeky fruits, the main signs of Banana Splash. A tip: You should definitely play Banana Splash for free and learn the functions of the game.

The strawberry conquers the world on water skis while the watermelon enjoys vacation in the hammock. The following profits can be expected with a little luck in the two main signs:

  • 5 times-750 points
  • 4 times-125 points
  • 3 times-25 points

Smaller profits are still possible with the pineapple or the mango. In addition, the machine is provided with the following symbols: coconut, banana, card sign from 9 to the ass. The entire fruit cocktail brings the winning barometer to a higher level.

The wild symbol and the scatter symbol at Banana Splash Online

As a joker and profit mulizator, the wild symbol naturally has very special skills and quickly becomes a friend of the player. In conclusion, the banana takes on the task as a wild symbol, which already leads to the first immediate winnings here in double execution. And then the yellow fruit also takes over a joker function at Banana Splash online. Here the banana jumps into a gap filler and simply complements the standard symbols. In this case, for example, a doubling would be the reward. Simply play a few revolutions free of charge in advance and use this to your advantage. So every player quickly finds his suitable strategy.

The scatter symbol, another highlight in the area of the Casino Games. A holiday island takes over the symbolism as a scatter representation at Banana Splash Online. As a sprinkled symbol, the scatter symbol is not subject to any specific arrangement. As a result, two vacation islands, no matter where they are on the rollers, are enough for an immediate profit. From three or of course more islands, a special free play mode is activated. The holiday island at Banana Splash is therefore very gratifying.

The free spins and the Gamble function - the players love that

Banana Splash offers the complete package of entertainment. Sufficient profit options and the thrill in the 50:50 chance area. Here the player's heart is addressed and only the player decides to take a risk or accept the profit.

The gamble function is as simple as it is as exciting. After each round you have the opportunity to double the profit achieved. The question is simply: red or black. What color can it be? If the player is correct, then it goes on doubled, or you can cut the doubled profit in safety. If the wrong color comes, the profit has of course disappeared into virtual nirvana. A round for nothing, unfortunately that can happen. Would you like to try it out? Play Banana Splash for free without registration and challenge happiness without risk. So every player gets a feeling for the 50:50 option. Welding wet palms are guaranteed here.

The free spins, the spice and crowning of the online Casino Are entertainment, you can also experience at Banana Splash. Points are collected here and the winning barometer is screwed up. And of course also at Banana Splash online. The free play feature grants the player 15 free rounds and thus sufficient opportunities for profits. Another lucrative bonus awaits the player: the profits from this feature are tripled directly. Thanks to the profit multiplier! This is how Banana Splash is fun.

Try it out for free and collect the first profits

If you play Banana Splash for free, you use the best option for a successful start with the virtual machine in this way. So the player quickly finds out all functions and can deal with the special features of the slot. How is the game flow? What rules are set here? Which symbols and values hide behind the fruits? All of this can calmly test this in peace, without risk and with sufficient opportunities to get to know all winning combinations by playing Banana Splash for free.

Enjoy the Banana Splash Slot for free without risk - find your strategy

Experience Casino Games for free without registration on our website, you will find your strategy and which tricks may work. Here you can take the best tips from the professionals and explore risk -free games like Banana Splash. A possible switch to real money mode immediately becomes a profitable campaign. Banana Splash from Novoline is pure entertainment and immediately spreads a positive mood. After the first turn of the rollers, the player is in a good mood. And when the profits roll up, everything is perfect. As is well known, professional players love the thrill that will use and love the well -known gamble function.

Enjoy the Novoline Casino Feeling at home in USA

Use the many advantages that an online casino offers you. In USA alone, millions of enthusiastic gamers are looking for the free spins every day and enjoy the time. Do you already know that Casino bonus without deposit? For example, this is only one of many bonus offers that make your stay in the online casino worthwhile.

The American players love the Banana Splash slot. No elaborate animations are convincing here, here the fun and the playful mood are clearly in the foreground. The profit distributions are above the known average values, various multipliers ensure high profits.