Always Hot von Novoline

Always Hot is one of the first virtual slot machines from the well -known manufacturer Novoline. The slot is comparatively simple and therefore also very suitable for newbies. Although there are now modern games with numerous additional functions and always new innovative bonus features, many casino fans always want to play hot. After all, this game is a real classic and for many users is simply part of a good time in the virtual casino.

The rules of this classic fruit slot are not difficult to learn, but it is good that you can play Hot for free on our website. So users who have not yet known this slot machine have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with all profit combinations and to experience a little casino atmosphere without having to pay for money.

The Novoline machines are now also available for players from USA in more and more online casinos. This also increases the demand for Always Hot significantly. This was an opportunity for us to not only play Always Hot for free without registration, but also to take a closer look at this game and the various strategies used.

A special slot machine - the hot fruit slot at an overview

As a very simple slot, Always Hot from Novoline is also very suitable for beginners into the world of virtual slot machines. The main signs that ensure a win as a combination of three same symbols are classic:

  • Die 7
  • Sterne
  • Melon
  • grapes
  • Bell
  • Orang
  • Plum
  • Lemons
  • Cherries

All symbols occur in pairs, which results in a still full picture of juicy fruits. The field consists of 3 × 3 fields, because each of the 3 rollers shows 3 prize symbols. Thus, the winning combinations always have to extend over all 3 rollers, because 2 combinations do not exist in the Always Hot Playing.

Classic slot machine with autoplay function

For some players, the manual starting of the rollers is making the special charm at Play in online casino out. Others, on the other hand, like to lean back and just enjoy watching the rotating symbols and always hoping that they will stop in the right place.

Both are possible with the Always Hot Slot: the virtual machine has a autoplay function with which the games can be started automatically. Of course, it is also possible to activate the start button yourself every time. Every user Always Hot Online can enjoy the way he likes.

The payment table can always be seen

We are used to numerous good slots that the payment table can be called up at any time between the individual games. In this way, the casino seekers can keep looking at the combinations they need for a profit. At Always Hot, the value of the combinations is even easier to understand. Here all winning options are permanently shown on the right side of the screen. So it is even easier if you play Always Hot for free (or of course also at the Game for real money) to understand how the profits come about.

Always Hot for on the go - the mobile version

Many players do not want to do without action even on the go and are therefore happy that they can always have Novoline slot machines on their cell phone or on the tablet. The mobile version offers just as high quality in image and sound as we are used to from playing on the PC.

Regardless of which mobile device the player uses: a download of the software is not required, because the slot is provided in a web -based version that adapts all by itself to the requirements of the device used by the player. So it does not matter whether an Android device, an Apple smartphone or another operating system is used. Always Hot is always usable in the best quality and offers a lot of good chances of winning even on the go. Of course, mobile games are not only possible with the real money versions of the online casinos, but also completely for free with us. We also provide the players the necessary play money completely without obligation.

Play Always Hot online - that's how it works

Even if playing, especially the use of real money, is only allowed from the age of 18, the Always Hots Hot Slot can be served child's play. The player does not have to do anything more than choose his bet and set the rollers in motion at the push of a button. These then stop automatically and hopefully show a combination of three same symbols on a payline.

The five paylines of the slot machine are always completely active. The user cannot play with fewer paylines, which is also absolutely fine, because the high entertainment value of the fruit loos also comes about by always gaining a profit when the same symbol can be seen on all three rollers. So the users don't have to think about where the lines run. For example, if the orange on roller is one, roller two and also on roller number three, there is a win. This makes the game easy to understand and ensures that Always Hot is so popular online.

The most important thing about Always Hot is already said. Of course, this machine also has a lot more to offer, even if there are no free spins or other special functions.

The risk function - increase the profit with a simple card game

If you try always hot free play, you will quickly find that the manufacturer Novoline has also integrated a so -called gamble feature into this game. This is a card game in which a random generator pulls a card from a virtual stack. The player does not have to do anything else than to correctly guess the color of this card, and his previously used profit is doubled. In the event of a wrong tip, however, the use is lost, which is why joy and suffering are close together in this function.

Is there a game or a scatter symbol at Always Hot?

no The slot is extremely easy to build up and gets out completely without a wild symbol or a scatter. As a result, combinations that have a profit are somewhat rarely, but these profits are higher according to the payment table, so that there are good chances of winning without additional features.

The right strategy for fruit slots

Even if the slot machine is very simple, there are still a lot of ways to develop tactics for playing and then implement them in a targeted manner. Although all tricks and tips cannot ensure a profit, because it is lucky and is only determined by a non -manipulable random generator. Nevertheless, it is exciting to keep refining your own way of playing and hoping to be successful online. For example, it is possible to experiment with the amount of the operations and always set a little more money when the feeling says that a profit will soon be due again. This is of course also larger due to the higher use.

With the already mentioned risk function, various tactics can also be tested. Would you like to risk the profit? Twice? Or only if it is an amount below a certain limit? Here, too, the possibilities are diverse and can be tested in detail if you play Always Hot for free.

Play Always Hot for free without registration - our conclusion

We have declared our goal to provide high quality casino games for free without registration so that fans can try out such games in detail whether the respective slot suits you or not. The virtual machines also have a high entertainment factor with play money, which is why there are users who regularly play games like Always for free and have now developed into real experts.

The use of our site is completely free and can without registration take place. In this way, all interested parties can use Always Hot and many other games without obligation, because after all, playing should primarily be fun. Therefore, there is no time limit. If someone is unlucky in the free game, they can recharge their play money credit by simply updating or opening the page again.

We want you to have a lot of fun with our fruit slots and other games for free. They do not enter into any obligations, but can easily be entertained with games of high quality.

Always play hot for real money

If you have dealt with Always Hot for free, you often feel the desire to play the slot with real money at some point. For legal reasons, registration in an online casino is required. This does not take long and then the deposit can be made, in which new casino customers usually receive a generous bonus.

Sometimes it is not even necessary to pay money yourself because a Casino bonus without deposit is offered. This can be a few $ that serve as a starting credit and, in the best case, can be expanded into a larger amount by successfully playing. Another popular bonus for which a deposit is not always required are free spins. These do not always apply to Always Hot, but the amounts obtained with the free spins on another slot machine can then usually also be used for the fruit solder.

The Novoline slot machines are currently available again in several American online casinos. Just look for the casino that you like best and win real money there with Always Hot Online!