Online roulette real money

All over the world, the roulette game is one of the most popular and most popular casino games in traditional and for a long time in reputable online casinos. Roulette online is just as simple and complex at the same time as the roulette, which you may already know from childhood. You can use real money in an online casino or you can play online roulette for free. Serious online casinos often offer gambling that before they will play for real money, they are allowed to sit at a free table and to play without use.

If you are a new customer at an online casino, you will be offered a welcome bonus in most cases that you can use to start playing without using real money. There are a roulette bonus without a deposit and the bonus offers in some casinos, where you make a deposit and get a money bonus with which you can also play roulette online.

Online roulette is a very popular casino game

In almost every casino you will find this table game. Play online roulette for free or for real money. You can also win. Online roulette is the most popular game in a casino. Roulette has been popular for centuries, but continues to surprise it. Play roulette online? Check which online casinos you can do best here.

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The advantage for roulette online

If you play roulette online or in a real casino, you have to make friends with the idea that the advantage is always at the casino. Even if different bets are placed, the chance cannot increase over 50 percent. It is also not relevant here how much experience the player can show and how often he has already played roulette. If, for example, an odd number has fallen twice in a row, this still does not mean that the probability increases that the next time you turn an odd number will fall. Statistically, all tactics that have been used to date lead to loss in the long run. Because roulette will always remain a gambling.

Best online casinos real money 2022 for roulette online

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2 Vulkan Vegas Deposit bonus 200% + 50 FS For Gonzo's Quest REVIEW Play
3 Sunnyplayer No bonus REVIEW Play
4 Spinia 250$ + 50 FSBonus package REVIEW Play

Just like all other games offered in an online casino, there are many advantages when playing roulette:

Mobiles Roulette

The serious and good online casinos in USA offer a mobile app for most games. There are the slots, table games, including the roulette and also live dealer games. So to play and win roulette, do not sit in front of the computer and play it from the desktop, but can gambled from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

Roulette variants in online casinos

If you are a fan of the roulette game, you know the principle of this gambling and certainly also the most famous variants, French, European and American Roulette, which are particularly often offered in the online casinos and are also very popular there. But how about using your next online casino bonus and trying out a slightly different online roulette option? There are some ways to spice up the traditional roulette online and make it more interesting.

Monopoly Roulette

The Monopoly Roulette: Hot Properties brings a bonus game and as you have already thought, is based on the well-known board game Monopoly. On the roulette table you will find the ordinary fields for the well-known inner and outer betting, but you can see the so-called "hot properties" on which you can place your inserts under the red-black fields. If the doz and the ball ends in the boiler on the "Hot" field, a special bonus game is activated.

You can play a monopoly card game with 18 different properties with different values. You choose several cards and get a win, depending on the average value of the real estate.

Online roulette in combination with slot machine betting

Slot fans get their money's worth, because the European Roulette and slot slot machines are combined. Depending on the casino, various slots are offered for the game. The software manufacturer Novomatic offers, for example, the Lucky Ladys Roulette, the Sizzling Hot Roulette or the Dolphins Pearl Roulette, where you can use to set second bets on game symbols of the slots.

So not only the roulette wheel revolves, but also an extra bike with special symbols. If you land on the correct symbols, this can provide one up to 80: 1.

Many PayPal casinos or online casinos with starting credit offer you these interesting roulette variants and you should just look at them.

The probabilities of the different setting options online roulette

New players in particular usually choose the simple betting options for real money online casino roulette. Here either the colors are black or red or straight and odd. If you win here, the assignment is doubled. However, if you rely on these four options, you should keep in mind that the zero is neither straight/odd nor red/black.

Anyone who taps on Manque opts for a number of numbers. To do this, the field is divided into 18 digits each. The chances of winning are 48.7 percent.

  1. Red or black
    Usually 18 numbers are red in online roulette and 18 numbers are black. The zero results in an opportunity of 48.6 percent.
  2. Even or odd
    Here, too, the chance of winning is 48.6 percent, since 18 numbers are just and 18 numbers are odd.
  3. one-third
    In the third chance, there is 12 numbers, which results in an opportunity of 32.4 percent.
  4. The dozen
    Here the first, second and third dozen is bet and there is a chance of 2: 1
  5. Low or high
    Here either the high or low half of the 38 numbers is typed. The assignment is doubled and the chance is 48.6 percent.
  6. Column
    Every third number is bet.
  7. Transversal
    The roulette table consists of columns and rows. The transverse rows are placed on the transverse. Whoever wins gets five times. The chance is 16.2 percent.
  8. Das Carre
    In the carre, four numbers are typed in the carre and the payout rate is 8: 1 with a chance of 10.8 percent.

The different online roulette versions

There are a wide variety of online roulette versions that are often also available as mobile roulette. We would like to briefly introduce the most famous variants and their differences.

Mini Roulette
Mini roulette is particularly popular online. There are only 13 digits from 1 to 12 and the zero. The principle is equal to the "big brother", but the odds differ a little. We predicted the right number, the player receives his eleven -fold commitment. In addition, many offer Online casinos To their customers that if the zero falls, the players who have placed on another field will get half of their commitment back.
American roulette
The American roulette in South America, Canada, the Caribbean and the United States is particularly popular. In addition to the 36 numbers and the zero, there is also a double rull. These two numbers ensure a house advantage of 5.26 percent. The American roulette version with only one zero offers a house edge of 2.7 percent. If you rely on the simple chances, you will always get half of your original use back if you lose if the zero falls. Thus, the house advantage changes to 2.63 percent.
European roulette
European roulette is usually played in Africa, Asia and Europe. In many casinos on the Internet, the American and European Roulette are offered online without download. Every player should consider that the chances of European roulette are better, since the lack of double ride the house edge is 2.7 percent. The player can also get half of his commitment back on the EN Prison Rule when falling the zero. How the player will get his money back is different from Casino to Casino. Some casinos pay the amount immediately. As a result, the house advantage falls to 1.35 percent. However, the player can also park the bet and hope that the next shoot will bring the hoped -for profit. Then he would receive the complete use. If he does not win, he also loses everything. This also applies if the zero falls again. Some European roulette versions also offer additional betting areas.
French roulette
A variant of the European roulette is French roulette. There are some differences here. Even if all numbers are red here, there is still the red/black bet because the numbers in the boiler are different. In addition, the neighbor of the zero can also be set. The en prison rule almost always applies here and mostly the player gets half back from the respective use if the zero falls.
Further variations
The California Roulette is particularly worth mentioning. Because this species can only be offered in the casinos of California. Not only a boiler is offered here, but a combination of boiler and cards. This does not change the odds, but the atmosphere is much different.

The best online roulette strategies

The rules are simple and it is about making a bet on the table and then hoping that the ball in the kettle will remain on the number and or color that you have set on. Many experts say that it is pure happiness, as is actually the case with all games of chance. However, if you really want to be successful in roulette online, you should choose the best roulette strategy.

Martingales system for online roulette

We have heard all stories of players with an infallible betting system that beats the house and guarantees wealth. But if there was really a roulette strategy, there would be no gambling industry - so it is always advisable to find out about the theories you hear. One of the most popular online roulette betting strategies that you will probably encounter when you play for real money is the Martingale system.

What is the Martingale system?

The Martingale system is a betting strategy that was created in France of the 18th century and is still popular today. The principle is simple: every time you lose a bet, double your next bet, so that the ultimate profit brings you a little profit that corresponds to your original use. It is mainly used for roulette profits that offer bets with a probability of 50/50.

losses Deployment height Total loss
1 1 7
2 2 3
3 4 7
4 8 15
5 16 31
6 32 63
7 64 127
8 128 255
9 256 511
10 512 1023
11 1024 2047

Why does that seem to work?

In theory, the martingal system of a safe thing is very close to reputable online casinos. Finally, a bet will probably win and cancel losses, so that the competition player remains with a modest online casino right money profit, depending on the original use.

Look at this example: If you play roulette online in a reputable online casino, you can play at a roulette table with a set limit of $ 1000. They start with a 1 $ bet on red. The ball ends up on black. Your next bet is $ 2, then $ 4, then $ 8, $ 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 $ - and then you have reached the table limit. 10 losses in a row are not unusual in roulette, and if you now set 1000 $ , you can no longer regain your full budget. So you should consider when you go on to the system. It can work if you don't win 2-3 times, but then it has little purpose to continue because you would have to use a very large budget to get the profits out and bridge the losses. But, there are players who only play the online casino roulette with this strategy and slowly make profits in the long run.

The oldemers online roulette system

Implementing the D’Alembert strategy in practice is very simple and this is one of the reasons why so many beginners use this competition for their outdoor use.

The first step is to choose a start. This amount is unimportant - whatever fits your budget and with which you can start. Remember that this amount increases for the duration of the cycle, so it is important to choose a one you can continue.

For this practical demonstration we choose a betting unit of 5.

The next step in this process is to place your commitment. You can choose:
- red or black
- straight or odd, as well
-1-18 or 19-36.

Coup mission Loss Profit In total
1 1 1 -1
2 2 2 -3
3 3 3 -6
4 4 4 -10
5 5 5 -5
6 4 4 -1
7 3 3 +2
8 2 2 +4
9 1 1 +5

The next step is to implement the D’Alembert system that works in this way:

Increase your use after a lost bet by a single unit
Reduce your use by a single unit after a profit.

Take a look at the D’Alembert betting system about this forecast cycle of profits and losses:

Start bet:

The mathematical character chain would then follow: 0 - 5 - 6 + 7 + 6 - 5 + 5 - 4 + 5 = 9

This special sequence shows 4 losses and 5 profits for a profit of 9. It could also happen that you have 4 losses and 4 profits, which would then correspond to the Golden rule as long as profits and losses are the same based on the Number of placed bets.

Fibonacci as an online roulette strategy

The basic strategy to play roulette in a reputable online casino is the Fibonacci method, which is similar to the Martingale system. If you use this strategy in games, you often get a higher chance of winning (color, odd/ straight), but it can also be used while you split and play dozens. The basic principle of this profit strategy is the Fibonacci sequence.

Fibonacci pay for an online roulette game

To use the Fibonacci sequence to win roulette when you play for real money in an online casino, you must observe the following rules:

They start playing with the minimum insert to achieve the maximum number of steps and to achieve the maximum limit of operations.
If the use is not obtained, we increase it according to the Fibonacci sequence.

Application example:

You play the roulette with the minimum insert of $ 1 - the first bet was a loss
After the Fibonacci episode we continue with $ 2. If you lose the second bet, play again with $ 2, then with $ 3, 5 $ and so on.

They increase the operations until they win. When you finally have the victory, you have to take two steps back in the order instead of starting from the front. For example, if you win in the eighth step with an insert of $ 21 (and receive $ 42), take 2 steps and set the next $ 8 instead of $ 1. This and slow progression use make up the difference between the Fibonacci sequence and the Martingale system.

Paroli strategy playing online roulette

How does the slogan betting system work if you play roulette for real money online?

There is a fundamental goal if you use this system - you will play until you have three victories in a row!
Before using the slogan system, choose a serious online casino and the use with which you want to play. This use should be a small percentage of your budget, since you could possibly lose it on many consecutive occasions. You then put this insert on a 50/50 bet on the roulette wheel, be the bet on red/ black, straight/ odd or 1-18/ 19-36.

What are the roulette rules of the slogan betting system? There are three simple steps to follow the slogan roulette competition.

Paroli strategy - rules:

One of the main advantages of this system is user -friendliness. It does not require a complicated plan so that you can start immediately. Another great advantage is the fact that you don't have to place large bets when you lose. According to a loss, every single bet is only one unit.

With some other plans, you have to risk a potentially large amount to win a small amount - here you only risk one unit, every time you try out the system. You may even be able to win money if you play roulette and the number of profits and losses is the same (you can also win money if you win less than you lose).

Every game strategy has as advantages but also disadvantages. We have collected the most popular roulette strategies for you. With these systems you will always have a high chance of winning. Pay attention to these strategies. You can only choose a game strategy for yourself and play easily. We advise you to check every system first and then choose the most popular variant. In order to win roulette, of course, you should also know the rules of the game. Combine good rules with a strategy and you will never lose. Increase operations, be attentive and stay cold with a hot heart. With our tips you will not lose a game series. We wish you much success!

Play online roulette for free

Since the Internet affects almost every aspect of people's life today, playing your favorite online casino game is just a click of the mouse away! If you are interested in playing European, American or various variants of online roulette for free, but don't know how to do this, you have chosen the right place!

If you have never played roulette, you can easily learn it here by following these steps and playing roulette for free - now immediately. The process is similar in almost all online casinos:

  1. Start the game by clicking on the "Test" button
  2. Press the “Play” button
  3. Choose how much you want to bet. -As soon as the game loads your roulette table and shows, you have to choose how much you want to set. On average, you will be provided with $ 1,000 as playing assets. The minimum and high stone rates that you can bet during the game are 0.1 to $ 100
  4. Place your chips on the table. -After you have selected the chips of the bet, you must then place them on the inside or outside of your betting table. If you are not sure how to place your bets, you can read everything about it on the payment table
  5. Click on "Spin" so that the roulette wheel starts to turn
  6. Wait for the result. The number on which the ball lands is shown on both the roulette wheel and on the roulette table

The best online roulette variants

Which is the best roulette game cannot be answered just as little as the question of which is the best online casino. Because this always depends on the preferences of the players. However, one can state that the chances of a profit are quite the same. There are little differences in the design and the way of playing. However, there are some things to consider that should be checked in an online casino before registering.

It is important that the casino has a valid license. This should be issued by an official control authority. It is also pleasant if there is also a mobile version that enables the customer to also play online roulette on his smartphone or tablet. Before registration in the casino, you should also look at support or deposit options. If you want to be absolutely sure, read the test reports that can be found on the Internet.

If you want to play roulette and choose the online roulette version, you will find a lot of options to do in the casinos of USA. This traditional gambling not only is a lot of fun, but can also give you big profits. So, according to the motto "A lot is still possible", play a round online or live roulette!