Lots of fun with online blackjack

If you have already played card games and above all blackjack or black jack in the conventional casinos, the blackjack online certainly also inspires you. The offered variants that have a good blackjack Online casinos are now offered so numerous that, even if you already know the rules of the game, you can use new blackjack online tips.

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Blackjack is nothing more and no less than the descendant from the French card game "Vingt et un" than that is twenty -one or also known as 17 and 4 for most of the raids. Well, 17 4 are 21, that actually explains a lot, right?

The basic game rules of online blackjack

A good tip to play in a reputable online casino blackjack is certainly that you know what this game is about. The rules of the game of online blackjack are basically the same as in the traditional game. In the online casinos there are now numerous new, sometimes dynamic, variants in which the basic rules remain unchanged, but some modern twist is being installed from time to time. Therefore, if it is offered by the online casino, make a clear blackjack bonus to test the respective game.

The blackjack players traditionally sit at a blackjack table. At the straight end of this table you can see the card provider (also called the dealer or croupier) and at the traditional version there are 7 card players who sit opposite the dealer. These are also called "puncheers". With Blackjack Online, however, you will often see more than the traditional seven players, because there are often more pointers.

The game is played with 6 sets of French cards, each have 52 sheets. Quite simply, you have to try to get as close as possible to the number 21 (you remember 17+4 = 21 !!) and it is important that you are closer to this magical number than the card provider. If your sheet crosses the value 21, everything is lost.

The playing cards are worth the following:

Now there are still the boxes. This is where every player can make the missions before the cards are distributed. As soon as all players are finished with this part, the croupier spends the playing cards. Each player at the table and the card provider himself first gets a card that is disclosed. In the second round, all players get an open card again, but the card provider does not receive any.

The card player at the table, who sits on the left of the dealer, then demands more cards until he no longer wants to take any further risk because he is already very close to the 21. He says "stands" if he no longer wants a card and if he suddenly has more than 21 points on hand, he has lost and that is called the "bust" in the blackjack. Then all cards and the use of this first player are collected.

Now the other players are on and the whole thing is just as much as the first gambling player. When everyone is through, the card provider finally gets his second card. If this counts 17 or more points with his two cards, he must not pull any further card, otherwise if it is 16 or less, he must take a new card. He himself has to evaluate the special ass with 11 points, unless he would have more than 21 and then it counts only one point.

All players who are still in the game win immediately as soon as the dealer exceeds the 21 points. In the alternative case, only all the card players who are closer to the magical number 21 than the dealer itself win. There is also a draw, namely when one of the players at the table has the same number of eyes as the dealer and then there is Unfortunately no winner and no loser. This is described with "Tie" or "Égalité" or "Standoff".

In the lucky case of a profit, you will receive your bet 1-1. If you have three 7 cards on hand, which also results in 21, this is a "triple seven" and you get a payout of great 3: 2. And what is blackjack? This hand is also paid 3-2 and is also two aces and one or an ace and an image together.

What are the advantages of the online blackjack

If you want to play online in a Blackjack Casino, you have the attractive way to get to know the game without using real money by trying out the online blackjack for free. Most online casinos without download offer you this option today and it is totally legal to do it. Why not either play in demo mode and test the game and the perhaps special online variant or to take advantage of a blackjack bonus? You can still make your missions and play at any time.

The online game is also dynamic and a great thing both at the slot machines in the casino lobby or in the live casino. Most online casinos offer the live dealer games and especially with blackjack you feel like you were sitting directly at the table.

And last but not least, playing online is so popular because you can also play blackjack in the mobile casino. Whether from the cell phone or tablet, you are at any time and from anywhere.

With blackjack there are a wide variety of moves that you should simply test. This includes, for example, buying insurance, doubleing the values or splitting the cards. It is particularly important to know when the right move should be used. The more you know about it, the lower the house advantage. If you want to split the cards, you should already have some experience. This train should be mastered.

The hand of the dealer and the quota for two hands must be calculated. This also applies if the operations are to be doubled. Even if it looks at first that this is a very simple game, you should still learn it properly and pay particular attention to the subtleties. Because more can be won. Everyone has certainly heard about counting card. After playing a few hands, it is now necessary to calculate which cards are still in the deck. This method is completely legal but not welcome in real casinos.

If the operators notice that the player is able to count the cards, this is often blocked. Because these players win much more often than the average and of course the casino operators do not want this. For this reason, several decks are often used in the casinos so that the cards cannot be counted. Betting patterns are also closely observed. So if you are able to count the cards correctly, you should look for a casino that uses single decks.

Variants of online blackjack

You can now find many great options of the Blackjack Online. Among them are:

Blackjack is not one of the most popular online casino games that you will find if you want to play in a reputable online casino. The game is classic, dynamic, easy to learn and is just a lot of fun and brings a good portion of thrills and tension with itself and of course lucrative profits.

Play blackjack in the online casino

In principle, Blackjack is a simple game and learning quickly. If you apply the right strategy here and you make an effort to really learn the game, the house edge almost completely disappears. Legal tricks make it easier to play online blackjack and enable continuous profits. And this is certainly the goal of most players in a casino. Which variant is the best has to decide for themselves individually. The chances do not change. In the end it always remains a gambling and this should also be fun.