No limit - play without a limit and make a fortune!

If you watch old casino films, you may know scenes in which a rich oriental simply puts several thousands or even more on a number at the roulette table? It almost doesn't seem to him whether he loses the money. But if he is successful, it is nothing special for him. Or we have the player in the head, who, with a glass of alcohol in hand, rely on his last savings on just a number or a hand. Drinking the wine or swallowing the pill gives him a stop. The ball then makes its way until it falls on a number that decides the fate and the further life of this man. Maybe then he will lose his apartment, his partner and everything else that means something to him. Or he becomes the rich man who lies the world at his feet. But as the individual story may look, it is always a thriller with little difference in the script. The game is like a drug that simply doesn't want to let go of the heroes of the respective history. And it shows its stimulating effect every time the ball rolls when the rollers rotate or when the cards are intended.

But what does the reality look like? The fact is that it is not so easy to set such high amounts, because there is a limit at the gaming tables, also called table limit. This table limit is available at the tables where roulette and blackjack are played. This means that there is a limit of how much money you can only set in a game round. However, these limits are not the same in all casinos; What is meant are both the land -based casinos and the virtual gambling platforms. In some casinos, the total height of the use applies, while there are limits for the individual use somewhere else. It is therefore good to get well informed about these limits as a high scooter.

Why are there these table limits?

There are some reasons why you have decided to set the limits of the application and not to have the player played limited. Sure you have reserves in all casinos, because in the event of a profit, the player must be paid out immediately. However, if a heavily rich man who rely on several million and then win, then the casino has a problem, because which company has a few billion lying around in the safe? Not even the biggest gambling temples in Las Vegas can do that.

But that's not the only reason. The limits also help the casinos to be higher sales. This can be explained as follows; If a player keeps working, then he will lose at some point. However, if he can risk his entire credit at once, it is possible that he will lose his money in one fell swoop and that the evening is of course over for him. With a limit, however, he has to set smaller amounts.

You have to know that there are players who are very passionate; You could also say that they are players with problematic play behavior. Others simply say that they are addicted to play. Quite a few people have already gambled on their entire belongings in one evening. These are the ugly side effects of gambling. The limit is therefore also there to protect the player from such foanities.

Certain strategies are often used at the gaming tables. Let's take the martingale strategy in roulette as an example. This works in such a way that you will win two $ if you have put on red or black and have typed properly. But if you lose your commitment, it will be doubled in the next round; This means that the player is now putting two euros. Then there will be four, then eight, then 16, 32, 64, 128, etc. If you have a losing streak, then the sums become quite high and the player goes. A table limit can prevent worse things here.

Play without limit

But where can you play with high operations? Well, for the reasons mentioned above, there will always be a table limit. However, there are special high roller tables with a special service, where the well -heeled players can set very high amounts. A few thousand $ per hand go over the table. These play tables can usually be found in separate rooms of the casinos in the VIP Lounge. Of course, the players also enjoy a special and exclusive service. Some casinos even offer these special guests trips in the sedan, they receive luxury suites in expensive hotels or are even picked up with the helicopter.

In some online casinos it is also possible to put a lot of money on the high scooter tables. In the case of live roulette or baccarat, five -digit amounts can be risked. The online casinos want such players, clear. These guests enjoy an extra service, for example, you get small attentions in the form of an iPad, an expensive luxury watch or even an expensive trip at regular intervals.

However, this will hardly be interested in the average player, because he plays because he captivates him and because he likes to compete against the dealer or enjoy the elegant atmosphere at the roulette table. Through the game, he escapes gray everyday life and can experience exciting hours.