Jackpot City Boni convince

Players in USA can no longer become a member of the Jackpot City.

An elegant game side in the appealing colors black and violet is waiting for the gambler. Jackpot City is a game side with a class, that much is certain.

But are the bonus offers in this online casino really great?

This is exactly what we want to see in detail. We have brought together all information about the specials and promotions of this page (free spins, deposit bonuses, VIP program and more).

We can reveal one thing: the offers convince both new and loyal, both young and old. So it is not really surprising that this casino has become the best casino on the net in recent years. Because in addition to the successful bonuses, are also waiting here The best slot machines von Microgaming - and since 1998. That alone speaks for itself.

The bonus offers at a glance

If you click on the department of special offers on this gambling page, an offer immediately catches the eye: the welcome offer. With this you can dust up to 1600 euros. But besides, it can also be seen quickly that this is far from everything.

In total, these 5 different online bonus specials and bonus categories are presented: welcome bonus for new customers, promotions with many prices, deposit bonus, loyalty premiums and VIP premiums. In the following, we reveal what is hidden behind these different departments.

The welcome bonus explains

This special is used to welcome new customers - and this page does a really good job. The following scheme presents itself:

  1. Enter money - up to 400 $ are in it - Douplement bonus (100%) - Maximum insert $ 10
  2. Money deposit - also max. $ 400 - 100%additional payment - minimum insert 10 euros
  3. Money transfer - up to $ 400 - doubling your own contribution - at least $ 10 10
  4. Money transfer - max. 400 $ - doubling bonus - minimum deployment $ 10

In all four steps you can have your own money transfer double. In the conditions of this doctorate, which is ideal for everyone, the Want to play real money, should one note the following aspects:

  • Play condition 50 times-you have to use the preserved bonus amount 50 times in games
  • You have a generous 2 months for that
  • Only slots also count 100% to fulfill these conditions. Use on other games only partially adds. Some games are completely excluded

Also convince the other casino actions

Now a look at the other departments of the bonus payments that promise as many special features.

Promotions with many prices:
The department of the specials of this Online casinos Always promises changing offers, weekly and monthly, as well as special promotions for certain events, lottery education, high -priced tournaments and more.

Deposit bonus:
In addition to the offer for new customers, which we have explained above, there are always actions that existing customers grant a bonus credit when they are ready to increase the real money account in the casino again.

Loyalty premiums:
The base is a point program that is known from many playgrounds on the net. For each $ played, you get loyalty points, which can then be exchanged for appealing premiums.

VIP premiums:
From the loyal player to the VIP player, the Jackpot City Bonus System is actually easy. Those who play diligently quickly rise to higher ranks and can benefit from even better conditions and specials. There are a total of 6 levels on the way to the VIP (i.e. the Diamond Status in the Casino). Blue is the first stage, then it goes to the usual trio bronze, silver and gold, followed by Platinum and finally crowned by the diamond level.

Clear and convincing

The bonus department in the Jackpot City Casino is clearly structured, understandable for everyone and maybe therefore directly for the player. The welcome bonus is simple, but still worth a lot of money, the other offers offer the necessary variety without being unnecessarily complicated. If you are looking for good bonuses without much ski schi, you will definitely feel comfortable here.