Black list of online casinos

Security is probably the most important aspect when choosing a suitable online casino. If we entrust our own money to a casino, we would like to be sure that we are not cheated. If we have won, we would also like to get the profit smoothly. However, if we play in an unsafe online casino, profits cannot be paid out, customer data cannot be treated safely, there is fraud when you get promised bonuses, and with all these difficulties, customer service is often not accessible.

In this article you can look at our list of online casinos, which are not trustworthy on the part of the players and offer unfair conditions for games.

Black list of online casinos

In order to avoid any kind of fraud, we have put together a list of online casinos for you, hopefully you use.

  1. 21 Dukes Casino - Has problems with payments
  2. 21 Nova - Used dubious business practices
  3. Mr Ringo -has a suspended Malta license
  4. Absolute Poker - offers manipulated games
  5. Atlantic Casino Club - also has manipulated games
  6. Atlantic Vegas Casino -Used bonus fraud and lure offers
  7. Ares Casino - has manipulated slot machines
  8. BlueLions Casino - has dubious terms and conditions
  9. Be The Dealer - has problems with the payment
  10. Carnival Casino - Used dubious business practices
  11. Casino King - also used dubious business practices
  12. Casino Lust - has problems with the payment
  13. City Tower Casino - has manipulated slot machines
  14. Diamond VIP Casino - Used dubious business practices
  15. Lady Dream Casino - offers manipulated games
  16. London's casino - also has problems with the payment
  17. Love Lotto - Used dubious business practices

Tips for searching for reputable online casinos

Above all, you have to say that fraud in online casinos is extremely rare. There are also different measures that we can take when choosing a casino. So how do you recognize an insecure casino?

  • You should always check the license, which can be found on the homepage of an online casino, together with the name of the authority that has licensed the casino. You may be able to check the license number at the authority. It goes without saying that a license from Great Britain is more trustworthy than a state from a small unknown state
  • A good casino has a good story. This is not a rule, but you have to admit that many years of experience deserve more trust than a new name
  • A good casino has nothing to hide - you can easily find your details on your homepage
  • It is also a good sign when a casino games offered software manufacturers
  • We also find a helpful customer service that is at least available during working hours. It helps you to clarify all questions - organizational, financial, general
  • All games are also certified, because a fair game must not be manipulated, there is a RNG certification
  • As far as bonus offers are concerned, they are changed in some dubious online casinos without notice, which is also not honest
  • If you find a bonus offer, all conditions must also be found

In addition to clear fraud, there is a so -called gray fraud. It is that profits are paid out under numerous conditions or with an unusually large delay.

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