Play online baccarat easily

Usually Baccarat can In the best online casinos to be played and more and more people are enjoying this old game. The right strategy is important for online baccarat if you want to win here. High rollers in particular like to use the game very much and even if it looks quite complicated at first glance, it is easier than you think.

Best online casinos with Baccarat 2022

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Regulate the online baccarat

Before you play online casino, you should know the rules. In normal casinos, baccarat is often played in extra rooms that offer a special atmosphere. There are very high minimum inserts here and the ambience is designed accordingly. There is space for up to three croupiers and 12 to 14 players at a table. Here every player can bet on the bank holder. The players turn to deal alternately and if you don't want to, you can simply pass on the deck. The dealer now puts two of the cards covered under the card slide. Then the highest bet also gets two hidden cards. This can now look at the cards and then return to the dealer. This then turns the cards and the croupier then announces the score. Now a third card can be brought into play. Then the losses are collected and the profit paid out to the winner.

The Mini Baccarat has the same rules. Here, however, the croupier always turns over the cards and often six games are used here.

The online casino games baccarat are mostly played with eight card decks. The ASS counts 1, cards 2 - 9 have the eye value and the 10, as well as the pictures, have a value of zero. A card is turned over every new card slide. This now says how many cards are output. If all bets have been placed, each player gets two cards from the dealer and the score results from the values of the individual cards. 6 and 7 would therefore 13. Since the number of points is only reproduced from the right value, the number of points would be 3.

Whether another card will be distributed depends on the score. If the banker or the player now has 8 or 9 points, no card will be issued. Both are now "standing". This rule has priority and must always be adhered to.

If the player now has 5 or fewer points, a third card is issued. If the player is now "standing", the bank holder can now "strike" with 5 or fewer points. This means that a third card is drawn. However, if the player does not "stand", a table is used that determines whether the bank holder receives another card or not.

Now the number of points of the bank holder and the player is compared. The bets that now get on the bank holder will receive a quota of 19: 20. The player receives the same amount that has been set, minus a commission of five percent. If the player has been bet, quota is 1: 1. If a bet is won in the event of a tie, the 8: 1 rule comes into play here. As a rule, however, the operations made are simply returned in the event of a points.


The advantages of the casino are quite different. Betting on the banking has a house edge of 1.06 percent. Betting on the player has a house advantage of 1.24 percent and bets 14.36 percent. Even if there are many pens and point cards on each baccarat table so that each player can understand the individual trains, the clever player bets on the bank holder. To get to know the game properly, there is usually a casino online demo. Here everyone can first familiarize themselves with the game and get to know the process before using real money. This is certainly the best way to take a look at everything and keep any losses within limits. If the game was understood, you can plunge into the action. And it is much easier than it looks at the beginning. And the profits can also be very large when you consider how small the effort is.

The history of the game Baccarat

Even if a lot of baccarat is played online today, the game comes from a time when nobody thought of the Internet. Some signs today suggest that the popular game originally comes from USA and the literal translation of Baccarat means "nothing". In today's baccarat, the tens and suited cards have a value of zero. According to history, the game later went to France, where it was made known by King Charles of the VIII.

The game quickly found its way into the French casinos and enjoyed great popularity. This resulted in a few different versions later. In Europe, the game “Chemin de Fer” is usually played. The later British version is known all over the world and led to online baccarat became even more popular. This version was also exported to America and introduced to the casinos in the 1950s. There it was played with high stakes and watching alone is great fun.

In France, USA and USA, two versions have particularly established themselves: Baccarat Banque and Chemin de Fer. The game reached the breakthrough through the Punto Blanco variant in the 1950s. Variants continued to find the way into the casinos and a mini baccarat was created so that the gaming tables could be designed smaller. The limits are also lower here.

Conclusion: great game with a long tradition

If you decide to play Baccarat online, you can look forward to exciting games with high profits. In many casinos, a demo version is also offered that enables the player to familiarize themselves with the process. If this terms became quite light and simple, even if it seems a bit complicated at first. The game is offered in almost every online casino and there are millions of fans of the different versions. Depending on the country and casino, these can be quite different. For which the player in the end is also a matter of taste. Just test the different variants and search for the best for yourself.